Tuesday, April 7, 2015

~We had a Happy Resurrection day!~

~I hope y'all's Lord's day was a good one!
I have lots of pics to post from our Happy Easter, but I'll just post our family pics for right now!  We had such a happy day!
~Our family~
~My sweetheart and I.~
Lots more Easter pics coming soon!  :-)


Moma said...

Dearest Heather, I enjoyed seeing the lovely picture of your family! Will look forward to seeing the rest of your "day". Today was the day for our Dr. Appointment and shopping, so we just got home. More rain today and has been since Monday afternoon, yet tomorrow is to be a day of "could be dangerous storms. I love you, Moma

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
What A beautiful picture of your family!!! lots of love and prayers Hannah Klunder

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