Monday, April 27, 2015

~Look Abigail is 8 months!~

~When Noah was a baby, We packed HIS THINGS IN A SUITCASE and we took him to Costa Rica! :-)
When Elijah was a baby, I "packed HIM up in a suitcase" that said, "Colombia!"  (He moved to Colombia when he was just 3 months!)
When Mary was a baby, I "packed HER up in suitcase" that said, "Argentina!"  (She moved to Argentina when she was 1.)
Now, just for fun, I "packed up baby Abigail in a suitcase" that says, "U.S.A."~

~Abigail is such an ACTIVE little baby...that the "U.S.A." sign didn't last too long...she ate it! :-) ~

 ~The end result of my "U.S.A." sign!  :-( ~
 ~Abigail is very you can tell by this face.  She comes straight from her Grandpa Bud, GG Scarbrough, Gram Bryan and her Mommy!~
~Such a SWEET Bundle of Joy that Jesus sent us....we love her to pieces!!~
~She's crawling and getting into everything now!! :-)
~You can pray for her as she is also PULLING UP to her knees and feet, and this HARD marble floor will NOT be a soft landing if she falls!  I'm thinking of buying her a helmet! ;-) ~
~Our Sweet baby Abigail!~
Can't believe she is already 8 months!!!


lila said...

She is so cute and your props are adorable!! They grow up way to fast!!will be nice to see you all when you get home!! Love you tons

Moma said...

Dearest Heather, I loved your posts! Your post was so cute of that baby girl, she is a doll. Just talked to Lila and she thinks she looks like Laura. I haven't noticed yet but will watch and see what I think. I love you all and was good to catch up on all your inputs. I am sure the children enjoyed all the IHC. I love you, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

such a dolly!!! Growing like a little weed! Love her! And her family too!!! =) Love, A. Laura

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