Thursday, April 9, 2015

~Our Happy Easter Lord's day!~

THANK YOU for all the fun comments y'all have left on my blog (and likes and sweet comments on FB too! :-) Your sweet comments always make my WEEK! :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
On Resurrection Lord's day, I didn't take my camera to church :-( , so didn't get a picture of Kimberly singing in the Chinese choir and of me playing for the choir. 
But, we had a nice church service at the Chinese church. 
Kimberly also played her violin and I played the piano for the congregation to sing, "The Old Rugged Cross!"  while we had communion.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As usually happens around holidays, This Easter I had so many fun treats I wanted to make, and Jesus helped me get them all done. 
My family was HAPPY that I had made them! :-)
Here are the pics from our Resurrection weekend!  I'm sure this post will make my Mother-in-Love LAUGH...for it's FULL of choc.! :-)
~For the first time I bought a mold and made choc. eggs. 
Since I prefer to have nuts with my chocolate...I toasted almonds and walnuts and tucked them inside the choc. eggs.  
Isn't this little spoon with an egg on the end (in the glass jar) so cute?~

~Then I found a FABULOUS recipe for REESE'S choc. eggs! 
I made a double batch and they were NEARLY to die for!!!   :-)
SUCH YUMMINESS! (Especially since we can't get Reese's here!) 
They weren't as sweet as Reese's for I made them with semi-sweet choc.   My family and I immediately fell in LOVE with these eggs!~
Reese's Choc. eggs!  Such deliciousness!  
Lord willing, I'll post that recipe tomorrow for Fun Food Friday! ~
~Then I had some melted choc. left over, so threw that in some little tart molds with some toasted almonds.~

 ~More Reese's choc. eggs with a touch of color! (the kids helped me decorate these. ;-)~

~Sarah saw this hairdo on Youtube and decided to do it on her hair for Easter. 
It turned out cute, and though it was a tad time consuming (35 mins.) it lasted for 3 days. :-) ~

~My sweetheart bought me this Fun cupcake holder for part of my Easter gift! :-) ~
~I found some cute little sugary Easter eggs and bunnies, so bought 8, one for each of our family, to add to the top of my white cupcakes I made for Easter.
I added sprinkles and my choc. eggs to the top of the other cupcakes.~
~ I put a tad of melted choc. on each cupcake in which to set the little bunnies and eggs.~
~And since I had some white cake left, I threw it in a tart pan and then decorated the top with white and dark choc. :-) ~

~And here is my centerpiece for our Easter table!
I had seen a similar idea for this centerpiece on Pinterest. 
Since it's not common to color eggs here, I decided to just use white and brown eggs, and wrote "JESUS" on the boiled eggs with marker. :-)~
~This hot pink artificial orchid was here in the house, but added a fun touch to my table.~
~I sooooo WANTED grass to lay these eggs in, but they don't do Easter baskets here, so they don't sell "grass" in every store like we have in the USA at Easter time.
Saturday evening the girls and I ran to a dollar type store HOPING AND PRAYING that they would sell a bag of Spanish moss or SOMETHING I could use to lay the eggs in for my centerpiece.
I asked the man if they sold any of that, and he said that they DID NOT HAVE ANYMORE! :-(
I prayed, "DEAR JESUS, IF THEY HAVE SOME "Grass" for sale HERE, P.L.E.A.S.E. help us to find it!!!"
RIGHT before we got in line to check out, Sarah looked down and there was ONE BAG OF SPANISH MOSS DYED GREEN!!!  YEA!!! 
We were soooo happy.  (For Sarah wanted some grass for a project she was working on as well!)
God is good...and even cares about "grass" for a centerpiece!!  :-) ~
~I was happy to find these springy looking paper napkins.~
~Our Easter Tablescape.~
~I used my burlap with lace that I brought with me as a table runner.~

~I took tuna cans and soaked them all night to get the paper off and to kill the smell, and then glued fun paper around the outside for cute little candle holders.~

~Our kid's Easter gifts. 
Here it is common to buy LARGE choc. eggs.  Every store has them for Sale!
Some have a toy in them, some don't. 
We were able to catch a HUGE SALE on these eggs, which made every other choc. egg nearly free!  Since I have no Easter baskets here, I used the little "Pureza" bags that FLOUR comes in, in which to throw some little candies inside for each kid. :-) ~
~Here is Kimberly's Easter stash!  She wanted more dried fruits and nuts, than candy.~
~My Easter goodies, including that fun spoon with an "egg" on the end.~
~Phillip's Easter chocolates.~
 ~Sarah and Mary got a fun little Parasol. And the boys got an airplane.~
 ~Abigail going to open her little toy.~
 ~A just-awake-on-Easter-Morning...Mary, Elijah, and Noah HAPPY with their Easter gifts.~
~I put one of my Reese's Easter eggs on each plate at dinner time.~

~Abigail got a set of keys that she can chew on and plays music. 
Of course, we didn't give her any chocolate. :-)  OR SO WE THOUGHT!!!
We were all busy doing our own thing on Sunday afternoon, when all of sudden we realized that someone had left their Easter candy where she could reach it and she had been sucking on a little choc. egg ...PAPER AND ALL! :-)  She was nearly in Heaven! :-) ~

~Sunday evening after a Bible study, Kimberly, Noah, and I played a game of Bible Scrabble. :-) ~
We hope that you had a wonderful Resurrection weekend as well!


Daryl Hausman said...

Nice, fun pics! Made me laugh Abigail finding the chocolate... Bryan did this too when he was a little Dude in Russia. Only it was SEVERAL chocolates later that we found him... papers everywhere!=) Love ya'll

Anonymous said...

awww! everything looks so cute!! wow! Sarah, you did an awesome job on your hair!! it looks so cool!!!!love you all lots~

lila said...

Oh Heather!!! What a beautiful post!!! Wow everything is so adorable!!! You was one busy Moma!!! I can tell the kids had a fun Easter!!! I love the eggs that said Jesus on them!!!

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