Tuesday, April 21, 2015

~Watching I.H.C. from Argentina!!~

It's I.H.C. (Inter-Church Holiness Convention) time!  
One of my FAVORITE times of the year!  While growing up I LOVED I.H.C. more than I did CHRISTMAS!!!
I've been going to this convention nearly every year of my life and I LOVE IT!  
I LOVE the Holiness crowd, 
I love staying in a hotel,
I love seeing our friends, 
I love worshiping Jesus with my crowd, 
I love singing the Convention hymns and choruses, 
I love hearing the choirs sing, 
I love hearing the good old fashion Holiness preaching, 
I love walking until my feet are killing me, 
I love buying new CDs of Careful Holy music, 
I love attending Women of Worth, 
I love it that my children can attend the same Children's meetings that I used to attend, 
I love it that there are still altar calls and prayer around the altar, 
I love it that people still shout, 
I love it when the Holy Spirit settles down, 
I have been attending I.H.C. since I was in diapers, then bringing my baby dolls, then attending in my teenage years, then as Phillip and I were dating, then my parents announced our engagement in the Dayton Daily :-), then as newly-weds, then we got to bring our little ones to I.H.C....but then God called us to be missionaries and away we went from MY I.H.C.!! :-(  
I'll never forget how HARD it was to be in Costa Rica studying Spanish and not getting to go to IHC.  
That was before they could live-stream it, and boy did I MISS IT!!!
But, THANK THE LORD for technology, that we can now STILL BE A PART OF I.H.C. all the way down here in Argentina!!!

 ~Sarah and I made some Tarts today for our lunch that we ate...right before the FIRST service of I.H.C.  :-) ~
 ~Believe me, we make I.H.C. a SPECIAL 3 days in our house!  
I dress up, I plan ALL KINDS OF FUN FOODS AND SNACKS, and we camp out around the computer seeing EVERY SERVICE, and singing with our Holiness crowd, praying with our Holiness crowd, crying with our Holiness crowd, and worshiping with our Holiness crowd! 
(Mary was sick, so she is still in her jammies here, but as you'll see below she too wanted to get "dressed up" for I.H.C.)~
 ~Some chocolates I made for us to enjoy!~

 ~I made some more Reese's Chocolate Eggs rounds. :-) ~
 ~"The water station" where we could get a drink in between "the more special drinks" we had at  meal time. (Just LOVE these little shoes that the Kemps gave Abigail, so they had to be our Centerpiece at our water station. ;-) ~
 ~Watching the first service.~
 ~This is Abigail's FIRST I.H.C. and she loves it.  She's not sure why everyone in her family is sitting around, but she's happy we are being with her!!! :-)~
 ~Phillip changed my chalkboard to say, "I.H.C." ~

 ~Like I said, I try to have fun foods and snacks ready for these 3 days of watching I.H.C. together.
I bought a couple different kinds of cookies to pull out for snacks.
I Heard Noah telling Elijah, "Oh, I LOVE I.H.C.  It's when we watch the services and eat junk food! ;-) ~
 ~Poor little Mary woke up with an up-set stomach today, but she still wanted to "dress up" to go to I.H.C. :-)
(Isn't God healing her scar on her forehead so beautifully?...This is from where she fell and the door sliced her forehead open 3 weeks ago) ~
 ~When you are WAY TOO FAR AWAY and you can't make it to I.H.C., you are THRILLED that Jesus lets you still see it through Live streaming!
And you can enjoy every minute right from your home...wearing your snuggly house shoes!  :-)~
 ~So, if you happen to see me next year at I.H.C. and I'm in my HOUSE SHOES...
just remember that for the last several years I've been to my "HOUSE I.H.C". ... and have been pretty COMFY!  :-) ~
 ~Our yummy homemade pizza we had for supper right before we ran to the computer to watch the 6:00 and 7:00 services!!  We so appreciated the preaching and singing in those services.

Soooo excited to be "attending I.H.C." and expecting Jesus to continue to meet with us in the services!  See you tomorrow, I.H.C.  :-)


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, IHC could have no better enthusiastic promoter than you are! Bless your dear IHC loving heart! I had a mother that I LOVED SO VERY MUCH, and she did just about nothing to help raise her children. If my mother had been to us what you are to your children, I cannot imagine how much I would have loved my mother. Smile. It was such fun to see how you guys celebrated IHC in your home today. I shouldn't tell you how Dad & I celebrated IHC today but Dad spent it in his recliner with his bad leg elevated, and he couldn't get IHC to come up on his laptop. I got in the singing and Tim Wiford's message, and then I was down for the count, as I was exhausted from this last week's activities. I got out of bed after it was nearly dark outside. I'm telling you what, one's lifestyle can change a bit in their 'twilight' years! Ha! Love, Mom D

Keith and Crystal said...

We enjoyed "attending" today, too. :) Wish we could come over and watch it together. :) Love you, Friend!!

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