Thursday, April 23, 2015

~Day 3 of I.H.C., from Argentina!~

~Last night after service Sarah, (Mary) and I quickly mixed up some bread and made MONKEY BREAD for our breakfast!  ~
~It was a hit!~
 ~Daddy had purchased some yogurts for us, so we had those for breakfast along with our boiled eggs, Monkey bread, and coffee.~
 ~We had some left-over dough, so threw it in a pan, and made another small pan of Monkey Bread.~
 ~By the looks of this plate...the monkey bread...was GOOD TO THE LAST DROP!~
 ~Abigail and I on Day 3 of I.H.C.  (For this picture, I forgot to take off her little black "walker socks" that she wears while she's in the walker.) ~
~In between services or while we listened, we washed dishes, put in a load of laundry, folded clothes, prepared the next meal, etc.
Here Mary is looking at a kids' Bible program while listening to the morning service. :-) ~
 ~Poor Phillip was SAD for he had to leave I.H.C. and miss the morning Bible Study and service, to take the boys to their classical guitar lessons.  Here they are after they are back.~
 ~With our supper today, we enjoyed this yummy drink that our friends Leo and Caro got for our family!~
 ~Watching the Chapel of the Children!~
 ~When Dad Sankey mentioned our family "eating junk food and watching from Argentina" right before the Chapel of the Children sang.  :-) ~
 ~Drinking Peach/Green tea while listening to the afternoon service. ~
 ~Enjoying my little dainty white tea cup and saucer that I got in Uruguay with some of my Christmas money.~
 ~I got it for a GREAT price!  I love the little "pedestal" on the bottom of the cup.~
 ~Phillip watching the afternoon service, while holding a "worn out baby Abigail!" ~
 ~Abigail enjoying her little "apple in the a bag" snack.~

 ~Supper time!~

 ~We had a yummy fresh salad, homemade bread, breaded pork chops, and the rest of the family had buttered noodles too.~
 ~Daddy bought ice cream for our dessert that we ate while we watched the very last service!~

 ~Dear Dad Sankey calling out the States and countries!!  When he called out Argentina, our whole family SCREAMED and Elijah blew his trumpet!!!~ 
 ~I'm surprised that y'all didn't hear us there when Dad Sankey called "Argentina!!" :-)
 ~We loved Bro. Davisons' sermon, Dad Sankey praying for us parents... ~
~and the beautiful mass choir!~
We absolutely LOVED I.H.C.!!!
We THANK THE LORD that we got to "attend" via internet!
When Daniel and Angie Edwards were beautifully singing,
"Little Is Much, when God is in it"
Phillip said,
"And much is LITTLE, when God's NOT in it!"

May we all do our part to touch every life we can for Jesus...and Brighten the Corner WHERE WE ARE!!
Thanks for tuning into our family as we were enjoying I.H.C.!


Emily Grace said...

So glad that you all could join in even from so far away! We enjoyed most of the services online too.
And we tried to imagine you all shouting when Bro. Sankey said "Argentina!" :)
Thank you for sharing all the pictures of your IHC time!
Love and prayers,
Emily A.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Abigail's walker shoes are cute! Your Monkey bread looks perfect! I'm so glad your boys are taking guitar lessons! How fun that Bro Sankey mentioned you all eating junk food and watching IHC! Your white cup is quite feminine! Abigail looks very cute as she sleeps in her daddy's arm. Your supper of bread, pork chops, salad, and noodles looked and sounded delicious! The expression on Elijah's face after blowing his trumpet when Argentina was called is hilarious! I laughed when I read that you all screamed when your country of Argentina was called by Bro Sankey! Again, I enjoyed reading this latest post of yours! Love, Mom D

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