Wednesday, April 22, 2015

~Day 2 of I.H.C. 2015!~

~I greeted my family with my greeting,
 "HAPPY I.H.C. Day!" 
again this morning!   :-) ~
Once a year when I was growing up, our Christian School in Friendsville, TN (that my parents started) was in a competition with the other schools to help our county by picking up trash.
If I remember correctly our school always won!   :-) 
Though PICKING UP TRASH doesn't sound very exciting MY PARENTS WORKED HARD to make it an EXCITING 3 days for us kids!  
One of the FUNNEST memories I have of those "trash picking up days" were the FUN and YUMMY meals and snacks that my Moma got the local stores to donate to us students because we were helping clean up their county.  
Back then, I rarely got ice cream sandwiches, hotdogs, Coke, etc., so that made those snacks REALLY STAND OUT IN MY MIND!  :-)
So, with that in mind, I LOVE to make these 3 days where our family watches I.H.C. very SPECIAL with fun foods and yummy snacks for our kids.
Like I said yesterday, I overheard Noah say to Elijah, 
"I LOVE I.H.C.!  
I.H.C. is when we watch services, and EAT JUNK FOOD!"  ;-)
~This morning while listening to the morning Bible Study at I.H.C. by Bro. Derald Hunt (It was excellent by the way!!!) we had Argentine "Churri-pan!"
Churri-pan consists of: Hard bread, spicy chimichurri sauce, and ...~
~A not very spicy yummy sausage, which makes a sub like sandwich!~
~The rest of us couldn't be in front of the computer yet, due to getting breakfast on the table, getting ready for the day, etc, we were listening from where we were....but I kept seeing little Mary watching the service. ~ :-) ~

~Wherever we moved the computer (so we could hear better) little Mary moved to watch the service.~
~Some jello with fruit I made for this evening's snack.~
~My Sweetheart and I "all ready for the 2nd day of I.H.C.!"  :-)
~It's "Skyline Chili Time" for supper tonight!
This is our LAST pack of Skyline chili that we have with us!  :-(
BUT...I just learned that Kelly S. IS SENDING SOME PACKS OF SKYLINE FOR US with her husband who is coming to Argentina this Saturday!  
Aren't God (and the Stampers) so good?! :-) ~
~While watching the "Women of Worth" service this morning we "ladies" enjoyed some Cappuccino! :-) ~

 ~Watching the "Women of Worth" service!  It was a very nice and touching service...Dad II and Mom II {Sankey} Made me cry!
(Mary was playing with play dough while listening to and watching the service!)
This morning, Phillip went to a local ice cream shop so he could use their WiFi to watch the revival service at I.H.C.
We were afraid that our internet might not be strong enough for him to watch that Revival service while we watched the "Women of Worth" service.
Of course, he didn't take advantage of their WiFi, without patronizing their ice cream shop!  :-)~
~And that international service this afternoon where the Brothers and Sisters from Papa New Guinea sang, and that SPECIAL KJV Bible was presented to their nation from Bro. Gene Hood...was so TOUCHING and PRECIOUS!!!
~We drank Argentine Mate (a special tea) and ate Alfajor cookies while watching that service!~

~Our whole family gathered around and cried and worshiped as this ONCE-IN-A-LIFE TIME event took place! ~

~Little Mary got all "dressed up."  Not sure what she was trying to be, but she looked cute anyhow! :-) ~
 ~We were happy to get to hear our niece (s) play in the God's Bible School choir/band during the evening services. ~
 ~We so enjoyed the Singspiration at 6:00 P.M.~

 ~Our Yummy Skyline Chili for supper, minus the INCH of Yummy Cheddar cheese that Skyline would add! :-)~
 ~Fun to see our niece Brittany playing first chair in the G.B.S. orchestra with the choir; Love you, Britt!~
 ~Enjoyed Oreo cookies with our jello that I pictured above.~

 ~We were all busy watching the I.H.C. service (and the little kids were playing) when someone said, "Look, Mommy, Abigail is EATING AN OREO COOKIE!"

Phillip had been sitting on the couch and must have accidentally placed his Oreos within Abigail's reach, and by the time we saw her, she had nearly eaten one whole OREO!! :-) ~
 ~If  I.H.C...equals Oreo cookies...Abigail just decided that she LOVES I.H.C.!!!  Hee! Hee! ;-D
 ~Sarah made these 2 cute Owls today in her rainbow loom, while listening to the services!

See ya tomorrow, I.H.C.  



Sherry L Dickinson said...

This post is even better than yesterdays! I wouldn't have thought that possible-but it is. I love Sarah's little owls. They are so cute! Abigail sure is enjoying her chocolate Oreo cookie. She must be related to you, licking her fingers like she is, all because of that chocolate cookie! Your Skyline Chili sure looks delicious! You're certainly making fans of IHC out of your family, and that's a very good thing. All of these pictures were such fun to look at. Thank you for taking the time to take and post them for us to enjoy. Love, Mom D

lila said...

How fun you made IHC way down there!! Sarah's owls are adorable and Mary's outfit cracked me up!! You all are such an amazing neat family!! Love and prayers

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