Sunday, April 19, 2015

~Our Trip to Uruguay (April,) Part 1~

Every 3 months we have to leave Argentina to renew our Visas, so we go to Uruguay for a few days. Since our kids STUDY LOTS here in Argentina, they really enjoy this trip as a BREAK from school. :-) 
It is QUITE the stressful trip getting there lugging our luggage and kids, but once we are there, we really enjoy just chillin' and being together! 

Even though it's a break for us, we do our BEST to talk to people about Jesus nearly everywhere we go!  
We try to look up the people we know in that city in different stores and restaurants, our hotel, etc. and talk to them about Jesus. 
Last time we were there, we learned that Suicide is HIGH there, :-(
so talking to them about Jesus is a SERIOUS thing to Phillip and our family!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We left for Uruguay, Tuesday morning, April 14th.  The 2 taxis showed up at our door at 5:05 A.M.! Whew!
They took us to the train station, then we rode the train for 45 mins., then walked about 10 blocks to where we boarded the boat that would take us to Uruguay.
~Here are Mary and Abigail in the boat.~
~Phillip and Abigail~
~Kimberly, Sarah, and Mary.
Since we want to have kids that are creative, get exercise, and don't just hang out staring at a screen, our kids are only allowed to play computer type games when we are on trips.~
~The kids looking out at the water in the boat.~

~Yours truly and Abigail, Mary, Sarah, and Kimberly.~
~Noah and Elijah with the water behind them.~
~After we got into Uruguay we had to collect our luggage to take it to the bus.  Elijah and Mary are riding on the luggage cart.~
~Sarah and Kimberly in the bus.~
~Phillip and Elijah in the bus.  The bus ride is nearly 3 hours long before we arrive in Montevideo, Uruguay where we stay.
~Noah and a sleeping baby Abigail beside him.~
~Mary and I~
~Phillip and I on the bus enjoying...A "disposable Mate cup and straw" and a box of Yummy Alfajor cookies.  :-)
(An Alfajor is a typicial cookie made with cornstarch instead of flour.
2 of those cookies make a "sandwich cookie" filled with caramel, with shredded coconut stuck to the caramel on the outside. :-)
~Abigail enjoying looking out the bus window.~
~Arriving into Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. ~
~Then at the bus station we exchanged Argentine money to Uruguay money, then found 2 taxis to take us to the inexpensive but clean hotel we always stay in.
We got all checked into our hotel, and then Phillip went to the desk to ask for the WiFi code, and they said, "Would you believe that our WiFi is down until Thursday?"  :-(  
So, since we needed to have WiFi so we could contact our family and vise versa (in case of an emergency) Phillip, Noah, and Sarah went looking for another hotel.
God led them to a nice OLD hotel that was even CHEAPER than the one we have always stayed in...and it was Right downtown. :-)
So, we stayed Tuesday night in the first hotel, and then Wednesday morning we moved to the second hotel.~
~After we got moved into our hotel Tuesday afternoon, we went to one of our favorite restaurants.
Kimberly and Sarah ordered this "salad for two" to share, and Phillip and I ordered one of these salads to share as well.  The kids ordered yummy sandwiches.~

~Here it is Wednesday and Mary, Abigail and I are waiting while Phillip and the kids are in Subway getting some sandwiches to go, and then we took the subs to the beach to let the kids play in the sand. 
~It was a tad chilly to play in the water, but they had fun finding shells, and playing in the sand.~
~It was quite windy there!~
~Kimberly eating her Sub.~
~I went to take a picture of Abigail in her stroller and she hid one eye.
I love this SWEET picture of this SWEET baby!  :-) ~
~The kids saw several jelly fish.  Sarah counted over 80 jelly fish that were dead.  :-( So Sad! Not sure why they died!~
~Our 6 treasures on loan to us from God.~
~It got so chilly that I was glad I had brought some warmer clothes to the beach for Abigail.
U. Michael and A. Beth got this cute little dress and tights for Abigail!~
~Kimberly and Abigail~
~My sweetheart and I!~
~Sarah wrote her name in the sand!~

~Building sand castles!~

~Sarah said that this was "Rahab's house!"  :-) ~
~We took an "us-ie!"~
~Noah ripstick-ing!
Noah and Elijah are soooo GOOD at ripsticking that Noah literally ripsticks with his eyes closed.  Both Noah and Elijah ripstick while pulling heavy suitcases, dodging in and out of people, on sidewalks that are LESS THAN SMOOTH, etc.  It's so FUN to watch people watch the boys ripstick. :-) ~
~Elijah ripsticking in BARE FEET! ~
~Like I mentioned above, our kids don't sit around, they are 100 % VERY ACTIVE KIDS!  :-)
As we were leaving the beach area, Elijah was climbing up a ramp beside some stairs.  He had sand on the bottom of his feet, so they were slick which made his foot slip and he fell landing RIGHT ON HIS FACE!  :-( 
Elijah got a big upper lip, scraped up his chin, and KNOCKED OUT ONE OF HIS TEETH!  :-(  Thank the Lord it was a baby tooth and not one of his adult teeth.  
First Mary fell 2 weeks ago and split her forehead open, then Elijah falls and knocks out a tooth.  
I think that from now on, I will make our kids SIT ON THE COUCH AND READ BOOKS, for this Mommy cannot handle them falling again.  Lol! :-D  
~Poor lil' Elijah after his bad fall.~
~Daddy and little Mary!~
~Walking the 45 minutes back to our hotel.~

~A pretty sunset!~

~The kids asked Daddy to take them down here to see the water.~
~2 Seconds later a huge wave came up over where they were and SOAKED them.  :-) ~
Thanks for stopping by!
Part 2 of our Trip to Uruguay coming up soon!  :-)


Sherry L Dickinson said...

This post was so interesting and such fun! I loved hearing of each mode of transportation - even the part about walking. I couldn't walk for 45 mins. non-stop. The big bowls of salad looked so delicious! Sarah's hair in that big long braid looks luxurious. Baby Abigail is SO CUTE in several of those pictures. The wave washing over that cement pier about scares me to death thinking of it washing one's footing away, so that they would slip into the ocean! Poor old little Elijah just about killed himself when he fell and knocked his tooth out of his head. That was a horrible fall! I think if I tried ripsticking, I would have a horrible fall and knock all seven of my teeth out of my head and break both hips. That would not be a pretty sight! Thank you for all of these pictures! I loved each one! Love, Mom D

lila said...

What a fun post!! Wish we could have been with you all!! I'm glad you had some R and R time!!You all are the best!! Love and prayers

Keith and Crystal said...

Enjoyed everything about this post. :) We went to Honduras to get our extensions for our visas. I'm glad it can ben made into an adventure. :) Much love!!!

Keith and Crystal said...

Enjoyed everything about this post. :) We went to Honduras to get our extensions for our visas. I'm glad it can ben made into an adventure. :) Much love!!!

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