Wednesday, January 14, 2015

~Happy Birthday, Kimberly A.N.D. Noah!~

GOD REALLY HELPED US...with our Ladies meeting tonight! 
I will post pics tomorrow, Lord willing!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Our family feels sooooo blessed that Jesus sent us Kimberly years ago and then 6 years later God sent us our Noah on the VERY SAME DAY.~
~Happy Birthday, Noah!~
~Noah is such a big blessing to our family! We love you, Kimberly!~
~Kimberly and her good friend Nataly.  Happy Birthday, Kimberly! 
Kimberly is such a HUGE blessing to our family as well.  We love you, Kimberly!~
~Bro. Jaime and Sis. Sophia invited us over for a yummy lunch...on Kimberly and Noah's birthday!~
~Mrs. Judy and her boys and Abigail.~
~Sis. Sophia made such a special meal!~
~On the right was a yummy spinach salad with fruit, and the bowl on the right has a salsa for the potatoes.  So delicious!~
~We were in an apt. on the 11th floor, and I took pictures of Kimberly and Nataly WAY down there walking toward the apts. to come to where we were.~
~We love these Colombian people and they have opened up their hearts and arms and love us too!~
~This was the view from the 11th floor.  There was a fire over there somewhere too.~
~Pastor Jimmy's uncle and aunt showed up and brought gifts to Kimberly and Noah on their birthday.~
~How very sweet of them.~
~And they bought 2 pretty dresses, some cute little red boots and little red shoes for Abigail.~

~Noah and Uncle German.~
~I got an ice cream cake on sale for Kimberly and Noah!  It was yummy, and for buying the cake, I got napkins, plates, and spoons for free.  :-) ~

~That night Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly made yummy hot dogs!~



lila said...

I'm sure this birthday for Kimberly and Noah will never be forgotten!! How sweet of each one that helped them celebrate in such a special way!!! They are two sweet kids!! A BIG Happy Birthday to them both!! Love to all

Sherry L Dickinson said...

This was so interesting seeing all your friends who came to Kimberly and Noah's birthday supper. What cute little red and white dresses your friends bought for little Miss Abigail. I thought those little red shoes were especially cute.
I liked seeing the Aloe Vera behind Noah in his pictures. I liked his bright colors of yellow and purple too. So our Noah is eleven now! I LOVE hearing Noah's stories. He can tell the most interesting stories one has ever heard. I'll never forget his story of the Kennedy boys and the drums in the night. That was one of the funniest stories I have ever heard! And our beautiful Kimberly is seventeen. Have mercy, can she be that old? I remember when she was a little girl of three in her cute dresses, and she would vacuum the floor with her toy vacuum that had a motor on it that hummed. And she loved helping with dishes, as water dripped on the floor from the dish cloth. She especially loved swishing her hands in the dishwater and playing in it until the front of her dress was soaking wet. Then she was satisfied that she had helped do the dishes. Smile. I think it is so special that Noah and Kimberly's birthday is the same day.
It's hard to believe that the time is here for you to fly to Buenos Aires where your culture will change so drastically. But the Lord has been good to lead you all this way, so far.

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