Thursday, January 1, 2015

~Happenings from October...that I am just now posting. :-)~

In October 2014, there were a couple FUN events that I WANTED to blog about it, but I had a new baby, and didn't get time to blog about it back then.
I FORGOT TO GET THIS POST DONE...BEFORE I printed off the rest of my blog from 2014!  :-(
So, since I want these Memorable events in my Blog book, for us to enjoy for years to come...I'm putting it in January 2015.
WARNING...You'd better fix yourself a glass of ice tea, or lemonade, for this post is a LONG ONE! :-)
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In the fall, Janie E. talked to my sister Laura and I about having a "girl's baking night" at our houses. 
We thought it sounded like a fun idea. 
So, we decided on a date that would work for us and Janie got several young girls together, and we made it happen.
It was such a fun night!
Here are some pics for you to enjoy!

~I love my fun sign in my U.S.A. kitchen.  This is my Motto!


 ~Some girls started at Laura's house making yummy apple pies!~
 ~Abby, Kiana, Samantha, and Sarah.~
 ~We were glad that sweet Mary Kate could join us too.~
 ~Laura is an expert at making Pies! She's made a billion plenty in her lifetime and does an excellent job! ~

 ~All done and ready to enjoy during our snack at the end of the evening!~
 ~At the same time the other young ladies were at our house and we were making LOTS of breads.  ~

 ~Ella, Kristin, and Darla.~
 ~Look how TINY baby Abigail was! (In the black carrier with Kimberly.)~
 ~Sweet little Mary helped too.~

 ~My U.S.A. kitchen is still a make-shift kitchen, but hey, it works. :-) ~

 ~We made pepperoni rolls out of the rolls we made that night to eat as a part of our snack.~

 ~We made 3 kinds of cinnamon rolls, a danish, French bread, and pepperoni rolls.~

 ~Mary Kate!~
 ~Sarah, Samantha, Abby, Darla, and Kiana.~
 ~Then we gathered around my piano and I played and we sang Christmas songs.~

 ~Kimberly and Mary Kate.~

 ~Our Pepperoni rolls all ready to eat!~
 ~We made lots of Cinnamon rolls, and pepperoni rolls.~

 ~Ella, Randalyn, and Kristin playing in the FLOUR. :-) ~
 ~We also made French bread that night.  We braided one loaf.~
 ~We also made some caramelized cinnamon rolls with pecans.~
 ~Mary Kate holding tiny baby Abigail. ~
 ~Our snacks all ready to eat. 
French Bread, pepperoni rolls and sauce, cinnamon rolls, popcorn, veggie tray, chips, and Janie brought a yummy cold applecidar-Gingerale drink, and we finished off our snack with Laura's Yummy apple pie!~

 ~Elijah made a crown out of cardboard and tape for baby Abigail.~
 ~As you can tell, Abigail was THRILLED with her crown. :-) ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Fall Baking!~
 ~My Cinnamon rolls that I took to a fall gathering. 
My tray was flowered and didn't look very fall-ish,
so I cut a piece of burlap to cover the tray,
and then I put plastic wrap on top of the burlap before I put the cinnamon rolls on the tray. :-) ~
 ~Yummy caramelized pecan cinnamon rolls that I shared with my neighbor...Laura and her family. :-)
(It's soooo FUN being neighbors with Daryl and Laura and family when we are in the U.S.A. 
Laura often brings us treats, and I sneak treats over there some too. 
And then we often get "put our food together" to make a quick meal or snack, and have some FUN times together. :-) ~  

~A Fun FALL Out-Door Gathering~  
 ~The Mills invited us to their Fall gathering, to be together and to see the nice home with which Jesus has blessed them.~

 ~Bethany holding our TINY baby Abigail. 
A LOT changes in just a few months....
Now ...Bethany is holding her own TINY baby girl! :-) ~
 ~Jessica, Kimberly, and Brittany.~
  ~Tyler ran out that morning and bought the firepit with his own that BABY ABIGAIL could be outside too. :-) 
THANK YOU, TYLER, Abigail and HER MOMMY Loved having the firepit!~

 ~Tiny Abigail all snuggly warm!~
 ~Noah and his cuz Bryan.~
 ~Elijah jumped on the girls for a pic.  I'm sure they were THRILLED! :-) ~
 ~Yummy Smores, a fire pit, chilly air, great friends, warm memories! :-) ~
 ~Bethany and Abigail, Rebekah, and I.  (Sadly, Phillip couldn't be with us.  He was in Colombia visiting our churches there.) ~
 ~Mary (to the left) PHOTOBOMBING Elijah's pic.  :-) ~
 ~Samantha, Sarah, Darla.~
 ~ Nathan Earls swinging Elijah around.~
 ~They organized and played a huge hide and seek game, and it was fun to watch! :-)
 ~Jessica and Brittany were howling laughing, BECAUSE KIMBERLY WAS HIDING UNDER THE BLANKET ON JESSICA'S LAP!  :-) ~
 ~Tiny Sweet Abigail all worn out.~
 ~Cinnamon rolls that I made into a "Pumpkin!" ~
 ~I served these to our kids with some yummy coffee and green apples and peanut butter/caramel dip.~



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Janie said...

That was such a fun evening baking! Happy memories! Loved all the pics!

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