Monday, January 12, 2015

~Lots more time spent with our dear Colombian friends!~

PLEASE PRAY!!!  I am to speak to the ladies at the ladies meeting on Wednesday!  God is helping me, but I covet your prayers!  Thank you!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I well remember before we became missionaries talking to Bro. Steve Hight. He told us that spending QUALITY time with people from Latin (and South) America was one of the MOST important things we would do as missionaries.
He told us by Quality time...he meant getting to their house and not leaving for several hours! He told us that most Americans feel like they are wasting time...but Just spending time with them means the WORLD to them, and helps win them to Jesus.
Pastor Jimmy told the church people here to take advantage of us being here and anyone who wanted to could invite our family over for dinner.
I tell you...we have been fed soooo much yummy food that I think we could fast for a week and be fine.  :-)
We have enjoyed every invitation and all the food and really appreciate the kindness of everyone here.
Pastor Jimmy and his family and our family took a bus to Mr. Armando's house on Wednesday.  
On the way, a man high on drugs jumped on the bus.  He started asking for money and then when he got to where Nataly and Kimberly were sitting, he saw that they were looking out the window and not looking at him and it made him MAD!  
He started yelling at them, "Don't Ignore me!!!!" and made a fist like he was going to punch them!  
Phillip and I were up front and couldn't see what was going on, but THANK THE LORD Pastor Jimmy was near the girls.
The man looked at them and was looking at MY DIAPER BAG which Nataly was holding to steal it, when Pastor Jimmy put his hand on the bag and spoke to the man.  
The man had thought that Nataly and Kimberly were alone on the bus and would have HURT THEM had Pastor Jimmy not been there.  
Praise the Lord for His protection!!!
~We had a YUMMY meal at Mr. Armando and Mrs. Claudia's house and a great time of fellowship!~
~The kids playing~
~They served us soooo much food that we could hardly walk.  But it was all delicious!
They served us a BIG bowl of soup before they gave us a plate full of food like what is in front of Gaby and Sarah.
Thankfully we thought to ask them to make ONE plate for Gaby and Sarah to share...and they still were too full to finish it.  :-) ~
~Thursday Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly went up to their school for the poor children in Paraiso and served the kids breakfast and took some pictures.
While they were gone Kimberly and I made Indian Tacos for lunch using the Beckers' and Kelly's recipe.  That way lunch was all ready for them when they got home. ~
~I haven't made these since we lived here in Colombia.  It was fun to have them again.~
~We had our mid-week service on Thursday night, but the pictures we took on Kimberly's I-pod and I can't get them to download on my computer.  :-(
After the good service we served more Indian tacos to Pastor Jimmy's family and his parents and they all loved them!~

~On Friday we ran to the north to be with our dear friends Carlos and Gloria.  Carlos is the man we met in a music store after being in Colombia for only 2 weeks.
Carlos couldn't sleep the night after he met us and he felt like God told him to help us.  (Before we came to Colombia in 2006...God had given Phillip a verse/promise that people who didn't even know us in Colombia were going to help us!!)
Carlos and Gloria came to meet our family the next day and because of them we were able to start working on and eventually get our Colombian visa, and their Brother-in-law (who had never even met us) rented our first house IN HIS NAME for the first 3 years of our stay here.
(We paid the rent, but the house was in his name...since we didn't have our Colombian visas yet!)  God has truly opened doors for our family which No man could shut!  God is so AWESOME!~

~We had lunch with them in a nearby restaurant and then ran across town to have supper with a couple from our church. ~
~Pastor Jimmy and his family were invited to supper with us too.
Here is Mr. Juan from church with Elijah and Noah on his motorcycle and Pastor Jimmy acting like he is going to get on too!  :-) ~
~Their sister and husband and daughter were visiting from the Costal part of Colombia and she made us a DELICIOUS meal!~
~We enjoyed visiting with them and Phillip and Pastor Jimmy read the Bible, and prayed with them, and encouraged both couples to seek after God.~
~They have a beautiful view from their roof.~

~The visiting couple's little girl and Mary.~
~The meal is coconut rice, fried plantain, fried fish and guacamole salad.  YUM!!~

~The couple on the left attends the church here in Bogota and the couple on the right is the sister and her husband visiting from another part of Colombia.~
~All of us!~
~They loved Abigail.~
~Mary LOVES to be the baby girl...and can hardly eat if someone isn't spoon feeding her.  :-)  In this picture she was very sick and had a fever, so Bro. Uncle Jimmy was feeding her some of Sis. Farly's yummy soup.  :-) ~
~The Lord gave us a wonderful service on Sunday.  We had communion and so Phillip told Pastor Jimmy that he thought that Pastor Jimmy should preach this service.~

~In this picture Pastor Jimmy, Sarah, and Sis. Farly were singing, Kimberly playing the violin, and I was playing the piano.~
~Nataly and Kimberly taught Sunday school.~
~The Lord helped Pastor Jimmy as he preached.
THANK YOU, Bro. Paul P. for the clothes you sent to Bro. Jimmy.  He is sooo happy with them.  They are being a BIG blessing!  :-) ~
~The little girls playing together after church.~
~Elijah, Noah, and little Mary after church.  Sis. Alba from the congregation in Medellin made the cute little skirt that Mary is wearing.~

~We made Chef salads for Sunday dinner, and served them with yummy bread that we bought at a bakery on Saturday and a California mix.  Sis. Farly also made a yummy fruit juice to drink.~
~Then after a VERY SHORT nap...on Sunday afternoon our family called on another dear family. ~
~Mrs. Miriam and I.~
~Today we had an invitation to Pastor Jimmy's uncle and aunts house for lunch.  This was our view as we crossed the walking bridge to get to their house.~

~Another one of Pastor Jimmy's aunts and his Mom was there as well.~
~L to R: Pastor Jimmy's aunt, Sis. Farly, Pastor Jimmy's other aunt, Heather, and Pastor Jimmy's Mom.~
~We had a nice time visiting.
God has been helping Pastor Jimmy's uncle.  He used to love to drink, and God has helped him not drink for over a year now!!! ~
~Sis. Farly, Abigail, and Pastor Jimmy's aunt.~
~Kimberly, Nataly, Gaby, and Sarah.~
~They served us a delicious Pasta with shrimp, ham and peas in it!~
~Phillip and our boys...happy to have new Colombian shirts.  :-) ~

~Aunt Yamile and Abigail.~
~Uncle German and Abigail.
I love this little outfit on Abigail.  Mrs. Joan from our church in the USA got it for her.~ 
~Elijah used to do this with his mouth and we loved it.  He would put his lips in a straight line.  :-) ~
~Brother, and sisters.  They came from a family of 13!~

~Sarah and Gaby, and a new friend.~
Jesus is giving us some wonderful days with our Colombian people!  
Thank you for your prayers for our ladies meeting on Wednesday.
Then one week from Wednesday we move to Argentina, to work for Jesus' there.


Bryon and Michele Fling said...

So enjoyed your blog.....God is being do good to answer your prayers and ours for you. Much love from over here in cold upperstate NY....brrr

Sherry L Dickinson said...

So many fun things to see and hear about on this post! I loved seeing pictures of the many different meals you've been eating. They all looked delicious. Mary's Crown braid was so pretty. Oh, it was nice to hear that Jimmy's Uncle has not drank for ONE YEAR! That is a miracle! How nice that the clothing sent for Pastor Jimmy- fits him! I'm glad Pastor Jimmy was close by Kimberly and Nataly, so he was able to provide protection for them! Uncle Jimmy is patient and sweet to little Miss Mary. I like that he was feeding her soup when she was so sick. It's nice to hear that Sis Alba is still sewing clothes. The little boy lying on the floor with Mary standing there looking at him made me laugh when I saw him. It's nice to see all your friends in Bogota', Colombia, again in these pictures. I've enjoyed seeing each person you all are visiting there. I will pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to the hearts of the women listening to your talk and that you will feel the help of the Holy Spirit as you are ministering to them. Thank you for all of these interesting incidents and pictures! Much love to all your family! Mom D

martha S. Bryan said...

Dearest Heather, I trust that Kimberly and Noah have a happy birthday! It makes me miss them more today.
I loved your nice long post of many people that we remember from being there with you to visit. Those wonderful, lovely, and delicious meals. How hungry they made me, you had better gain weight while you are with those wonderful people. While we miss you all so much we are glad that you can be with the people there. Thank the Lord for His protecting those girls, and thank Pastor Jimmy as well. I love you and we are praying for you every day. Thank the Lord for sending the money for your tickets to Argentina. I so hope it is His Will for us to get to come and see you. Lot of love to the Birthday two and everyone else. Love, Moma

Kimberly said...

Really enjoying the pics of the reunions with your Columbian friends....esp the ones of Noah and his friend sweet! I know Pastor Jimmy and family and y'all are enjoying being together. Proud of you all....your love for people is an example for me. Love and prayers!

Daryl Hausman said...

Glad to see all your pics. Ya'll all look sooooo happy! Glad for Jesus protecting hand upon all of ya'll too! Prayed that Jesus would help you tonight as you spoke. I guess the pic that made me the happiest was the one of Noah and his friend. I've felt sooooo lonely for Noah's lil friend often as he didn't have as much of a way to contact him etc. SOOOOO happy they got to be together again! Love ya much! Your GreatGrandmother! ;-) (otherwise known as Laura your sister!!!)

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