Friday, January 9, 2015

~Phillip's trip to Medellin, invitations to eat Colombian food, etc.~

Lord willing we will spend 12 more days here serving with our DEAR Colombian people and then we will fly to Argentina the evening of Jan. 21st. and arrive in Argentina early the 22nd!
Phillip is preaching in nearly every service, and this Wednesday I am to speak to the ladies in a ladies' meeting.  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Our DEAR Colombian friends and church people are inviting us to their houses. They have received us with Arms WIDE OPEN and full of Love!
Every day or so we are in another person's house eating a yummy Colombian meal.
I'm sure our family all will have gained 10 extra pounds by the time we leave Colombia...for they are feeding us LOTS of yummy food. :-)
~Here are our girls, Nataly and Gaby and their cousin Karen at John and Judy's house for a delicious lunch!~
~Isn't Bogota beautiful?~
~The kids enjoyed playing together~
~These 3 ladies made us a YUMMY lunch! ~
~Here Phillip was fixin' to leave for a weekend to preach at our church in Medellin, Colombia. I was really going to miss him :-(
Jesus gave him a safe trip there and back. :-)~

~Elijah and his friend David both lost their top front tooth. We have a similar picture of Sarah and Gaby 8 years ago.~
~David and Elijah saw the salad left over on the table and started eating it with the serving spoon. :-) ~
~Our Dear Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and their daughters Nataly and Gaby.~
~The Lord really helped Phillip while he was in Medellin.  Our Dear Pastor Alberto and Sis. Alba sent our family such Nice gifts!
Emanuel sent these tennis shoes to Noah.~
~The girls were so Happy to see their violin and piano teacher again.  Here she and her son Joshua were coming in the door to visit us at Pastor Jimmy's house.~
~She started teaching Kimberly violin when Kimberly was 7 or 8 years old.~
~And she was Sarah's violin and piano teacher too.~
~It was so nice to see her, meet her older daughter and see her son Joshua again.~
~Kimberly, Nataly, and Noah playing a board game.~
~Pastor Alberto and Sis. Alba are professional seamstresses.  They made these shirts and sent them to Noah and Elijah.~
~They made beautiful blouses for Kimberly, Sarah, Mary, and I as well.~
~They made these cute skirts for Mary.~
~And they made these precious outfit for little Abigail.  :-)
(Thanks a Million Bro. Alberto and Sis. Alba for these precious gifts! :-)~
~Pastor Alberto and Sis. Alba with the Bibles that were purchased with designated money for Pastor Alberto to pass out in Medellin.~
~The beautiful view from their laundry room. :-) ~
~Pastor Alberto praying.~

~After service.  The Lord helped Phillip to preach but of course I wasn't there to take his picture. ;-) ~
~The beautiful mountains in Phillip was climbing the mountains in a bus heading to the airport.~

~Elijah and Mary here in Bogota.~
God is helping us and we are loving serving with our Colombian people again.  They are such PRECIOUS giving people!
Thank you for your prayers for our last 12 days here, for Phillip as he preaches, and for me as I speak in the ladies' meeting.
I'm not one who likes to speak up front, but Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly want me to do this, so I'm going to do my Best for Jesus.  :-)


lila said...

It is truly beautiful there. Will be praying for you and the dear people there as your time with them is swiftly coming to a close. What lovely clothes Sister Alba and her husband make. Nice post as always I enjoy every one!! Love you all tons

Martha S.Bryan said...

Dearest Heather, I enjoyed coming into Daddy's "freezing office" and reading your e-mail. We have had zero tempts and then a slippery last night and today with the temps up to 30 degrees and the temp going back to 10 and below tonight. So glad for the good report of all your friends in Bogota. When those people start speaking English, maybe Daddy and I will get to come see them. :0 Love to each of you, Moma

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