Thursday, January 15, 2015

~Our Ladies' Meeting Here in Bogota~

~As I told you earlier, Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly asked me if I could please have a ladies' meeting while I was here, like I used to have when I lived here. They asked me to please speak on the roles of being a Faithful Christian wife! I can't tell you HOW BADLY that is needed here.
Jesus really helped!! He helped Sis. Farly as she led the meeting, me as I talked, and the ladies really seemed to enjoy the evening!
~Here we are before we left her house.~
~Our men came along to help us lug allllll of the food and decorations, and to help us set up the church.  Dear Phillip did a great job writing, "Welcome to the Ladies' Meeting" Spanish for me on the white board!~
~He also picked up these multiple colored flowers for our table.  It wasn't really what he wanted, but it was all he could find at the last minute.  :-) ~
~I was happy to find these green and white polka dotted napkins.~
~I found these Adorable LITTLE forks...and had to think of SOMETHING to use them I thought of making stuffed (deviled) eggs.   The eggs were a HUGE hit!!
We made 120 eggs and they were ALL GONE!~
~Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly were a HUGE help!!!  Here she is helping with the eggs, and she made the coffee too.  Pastor Jimmy mixed up the powdered raspberry tea for me.~
~I made the choc. cupcakes and icing, and then Kimberly put the icing and choc. chips on in the S.S. room of the church.~
~We bought croissant rolls here (They are soooo cheap here!) and Sarah and Gaby put together our ham and cheese sandwiches.~
~When we first got to church we had sooooo much to do!!!  We got there at 2:45 or so and the meeting was to start at 4:00!  Remember we had to LUG alllll of the stuff from their house in their car plus use a taxi!

We laid little Abigail (who was a tad hungry) down on a blanket on the carpeted floor of the platform and HOPED she would stay content until Mommy was free to help her. 
Jesus helped her and She DID STAY CONTENT!  It was a HUGE BLESSING!

Pastor Jimmy told us later that he walked by and she was looking up intently as if she were looking AT SOMEONE and was SMILING!  
He wondered if an angel had been keeping her content, for there was NO ONE around to whom she could have been smiling.
I'll never know, but I do Know that it was SUCH A BLESSING that she stayed content for A LONG TIME while I and others got everything ready for the meeting!  :-)
~Here's Abigail in her new dress from Uncle German.  :-) ~

~Jesus really helped Sis. Farly and I.  For an ice breaker I had the ladies each tell how they met their mates and a little something nice about them.~
~Then we held hands and Sis. Farly prayed around the room asking Jesus to help each lady and their home.~
~Thank the Lord, The ladies LOVED the food too!~
~There is a new PRICE SMART here that is like SAMS or COSTCO!  It is wonderful...and I WISH it would have been here when we lived here.  :-)  It came in in November.
I bought chips and Salsa there and served them, which is NEW to the Colombians and the ladies LOVED IT!~

~The green and white polka dotted napkins that I found....went along with the green and white polka dotted muffin papers I had found years ago and left with Sis. Farly! =) ~

~I had each lady write her name on a piece of paper and put it in a basket. We randomly withdrew a name throughout the night... and we had 5 fun but small gifts that we gave away.~
~My friend Marisol was able to come and she did my a HUGE favor and went across town to the Bible Book store and found me 3 of the books, "The Power of a Praying Wife!" in Spanish.  I presented one to Sis. Farly and hugged her and cried and told the ladies how BLESSED we are to have such a wonderful Pastor's wife!
The other 2 went to the ladies who have been MARRIED TO (not living together) their husbands for the shortest and longest time! :-) ~
~The prize table of simple but fun prizes. 
The container of gummies was for them to guess how many were in there, and then the closet one won the container of gummies.  :-) 
(Thanks, GRAMMY for all your fun ideas from the Christmas dinner...I copied you here.  :-)

~My Dear Friend Marisol and I.~

~Kimberly and Nataly with their matching blouses that Nataly bought for Kimberly's birthday.  :-) ~
~These girls were SUCH a blessing and helped in every way!~
~Sis. Farly speaking!~
~There were at least 28 ladies there.  Some of them had to bring their children, so Gaby and Sarah took them to the S. S. room and kept them while we had our meeting!~

~This is when the ladies were telling about how they met their husbands, etc.  The lady that is speaking LIVED with her man since she was a teenager (for over 30 years!!!)...but THANK THE LORD she just got MARRIED in 2013!!!!  :-) 
When she said that, I started applauding and the rest of the ladies joined me. 
Phillip and I are SOOO HAPPY that they got married.  She's the one that won one of the books. :-)
~Heather (Yours truly) talking to the ladies!~

~These 2 girls, Gaby and Sarah, were a HUGE blessing as well!~

Jesus REALLY helped us and the ladies seemed to enjoy the whole evening! 
THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS...I couldn't have made it without them!
If you don't mind PRAYING AGAIN...Pastor Jimmy and Phillip are to have a meeting with the men on Saturday evening!
With less than one week left here, your prayers are appreciated as we continue to minister, while we wrap things up to move to Argentina on Wednesday, Jan. 21st!


lila said...

What a nice ladies meeting and so beautifully done!!! I'm glad Jesus helped and others pitched in to lift the load!! Wish we could have heard you speak!! Love and prayers

Martha S. Bryan said...

Dearest Heather, Please tell Sister Farley that I think she just gets prettier with the years! Phillip did such a nice job with the sign on the board and those girls did special, both the younger ones and the older ones. :) I think that baby did so well because I prayed for you. I didn't know what time the event was so just Prayed all day and Daddy and I stopped for special prayer together, probably about the time you started. It was so good to see some of the ladies that I know, probably you can tell them, "hello from me and tell them I want to meet each one of them in Heaven, where we will all speak a language that we will understand each other"!:)
Love you bunches, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Love all the bright colors. Every thing looks so beautiful! Bless lil Abigails' heart! Thank you Jesus for your entertaining Angels!
Can't believe how Red Mary's hair looks. And are those freckles across her nose?! She's growing up tooooo fast! =( Love ya'll lots, A. Laura

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