Monday, January 19, 2015

~The Men's Meeting here in Colombia!~

PLEASE PRAY!  We arrived in Colombia with 2 suitcases each. appears that we may only be able to take 1 suitcase each on to Argentina.  :-(  
Of course we brought some things to leave in Colombia, but we still have lots to take to Argentina.
Please pray that God will work it all out that we can take our things that we need for 11 months in Argentina.   
Lord willing, we leave Colombia this Wednesday night and fly all night, landing in Argentina on Thursday morning.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Pastor Jimmy said that he would be a GOOD IDEA if he and Phillip had a men's meeting and talked to the men of the church about being a good husband in the same week that we had had a ladies' meeting and talked to the Ladies about being a good wife.
So, we quickly planned a Men's meeting.
~Thank you for your prayers for the Men's meeting, Jesus helped! 
Sis. Farly and I ran to the church and helped the guys set up the tables and food, Sis. Farly made the coffee, then we left.
~I didn't have time nor energy to make them a dessert, so I bought some Oreo cookies for them.
Here the Oreo cookies come in a normal looking Oreo Cookie pack...but inside they are packed with 4 Oreo cookies in each little package, so it's easier to pass out to people, and so they don't go stale as easily. :-) ~
~Jimmy chose the title for the Men's Meeting, so Phillip drew the title... "Men of Valor" on the white board behind the food table.  It turned out nicely.~
~The Prize table.~

~Later they bought empanadas to go along with their chips and salsa, Oreos, Iced Tea, and coffee.~
~Jesus really helped Phillip and Bro. Jimmy as they led the meeting.~

~They sang some hymns together during the meeting.
I left our camera and Bro. Edgar took the rest of these pictures for me!  :-)  Gracias, Hno. Edgar! ~
~I've heard many good comments from the men of how they loved the meeting.  Many had never even been in a meeting for men, but they really enjoyed it.~
~God really helped Phillip as he spoke about being a good Husband.~
~They went around the room and each man told his story of how he met his wife, etc.~

~There was a good group of men!~
~Here is a picture of the table after the empanandas arrived.~
~The men were Happy with the food!~


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lila said...

I'm glad Jesus helped the men as they spoke. The food and décor looks wonderful! I'm sure Jesus will use what was said to help the group of men be better husbands. Love and prayers

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