Tuesday, January 20, 2015

~Abigail is 5 months!~

 We have THOROUGHLY ENJOYED being with our Colombian family Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, Nataly, and Gaby, Pastor Jimmy's parents and family, Sis. Farly's family, and the whole church family!!!  We didn't really expect to stay here in Colombia for a whole month, but we have made such WONDERFUL memories together!

We are very BUSY trying to get all packed up and ready to fly to Argentina!
We leave Colombia tomorrow night, and fly all night, landing in Argentina Thursday morning.
~That we can get it all packed and ready to go, and....for our luggage to pass inspection!!!
~We came here with 2 suitcases each weighing around 50 lbs, now it appears we may be allowed to have 2 suitcases BUT....BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER only weighing 60 lbs!  :-(
~Also please pray For our kids' ears as we fly.  THANK YOU!!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~I cannot believe that Abigail turned 5 months today! She is such a sweet baby and is always smiling! Through her eyes she reminds me a lot of her Aunt Laura! :-) ~
~We found this CUTE little dress and shoes here in Colombia. 
Abigail has such little feet that she was 4 months before she really wore a pair of shoes! 
I was so HAPPY to finally find some shoes that would fit her tiny little feet...and I thought these little old-fashion-looking shoes were so cute!

~I wish she would have let you see her Cute TINY 2 front (bottom) teeth, but she was hiding them! :-) ~
~Thank you, Jesus, for sending us sweet baby Abigail! :-) 
She brings so much JOY to our home!~
Alright...I'm off to help Phillip finish packing! 


Daryl Hausman said...

can't believe how much she has grown! Give her a squeeze from us! Love Laura Hausman and family

lila said...

She is so adorable and growing so fast!! Babies bring so much joy and love no wonder Mothers love them forever!! Lori had a miscarriage on Christmas Day!! It made our hearts sad but Jesus does all things well!! Love you all tons

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