Monday, January 5, 2015

~A tad more of Dec., & our SPECIAL Christmas and New Year's Eve!~

Thank you for praying!  Phillip is to get back from Medellin in a couple hours!!
I talked to him last night and he told me that Jesus gave them a special service yesterday and really helped him as he preached! :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
PLEASE PRAY!!! Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly have asked me to have a ladies meeting while I'm here.
So, Lord willing we are planning on having a special meeting for the ladies, serving refreshments which I will make, and they have asked me to speak to the ladies on the roles of a wife.
I'm not one that loves to speak up front, so PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!
Please pray that God will give me the right words to share that will encourage these ladies to be the BEST wives they can be with Jesus' help!  :-) THANK YOU!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In December my Dear Sister Laura took our kids and I and her 2 youngest to the Cincinnati Museum in the old train center!
It was so much FUN seeing things about historic Cincinnati...and we made a lot of fun memories! Thank you, Laura!
~Here Elijah and Mary were about to ride the little train.~
~Abigail came along too.  :-) ~
~Mary loved the little kitchen in the museum.~
~The boys had fun too.~
~My dear sis and I.~
~Darla, Abigail, and Sarah~
~Kimberly invited several young ladies to join us at Starbucks as sort of a Goodbye Gathering!
Everyone bought their own Starbucks drink and we had a fun visit.
Then we went to the mall and walked around together.  Fun times!~
~Our SPECIAL Christmas Eve!!~
Earlier in December my Dear Brother Andrew and his twin boys left AK and started driving down to the lower 48.  We were hoping to get to see them around the 15th or 16th of Dec.
But, then he had truck trouble and got stuck for a few days.
THEN, we purchased our tickets to fly out on Christmas day and I didn't know IF we would get to see them or not!!  :-(
But, wouldn't you know Jesus worked it out to where ANDREW AND HIS WHOLE FAMILY from AK got to Cinci on the 24th, THE DAY BEFORE WE LEFT!!! =)
What a FUN time we had getting to be together with Andrew, Vonnie, Heidi, Katie, Drew, Grant, Taylor, and Tyler, as well as Daryl and Laura and family, and Gramp and Gram Daddy and Moma).
BUT...We surely MISSED Lincoln, Lyn, Keith, Natalie (and baby), and Kelsea.
~Cousins HAPPY to be together!!~
~These 3 were all born in 2000!~
~Andrew and Vonnie getting to meet baby Abigail for the first time.~
~Heidi, the oldest Girl cousin, and Abigail...the youngest girl cousin. :-) ~
~Sweet Laura made a DELICIOUS CHRISTMAS EVE MEAL and Daryl and Laura opened up their lovely home to all of us.  It was so SPECIAL getting to be together!!~

~16 of the 19 cousins...minus Keith, Natalie (and baby,) and Kelsea.~
~3 of us 4 kids and our mates.
Top to Bottom:
Daryl and Laura
Andrew and Vonnie,
Phillip and Heather
Since this was a LAST MINUTE Gathering....My DEAR brother Lincoln and his sweet wife Lyn couldn't be with us. :-(~
~And ALLLLL of us....because THESE 2 SPECIAL PEOPLE FELL IN LOVE!!!  :-)
I LOVE my sweet Daddy and Moma!!!~

~As you can see Baby Abigail gets FAR MORE LOVIN' than she probably wants. ;-) ~
~A lot of you who have been reading my blog for awhile will remember our neighbor Nicolas...Noah's dear Colombian friend.
Noah, Nicolas, and Elijah spent HOURS together when we lived in the house right beside him.
Nicolas didn't know we were back in Colombia and we went by his house the other day.
Noah yelled, "Nicolas...Amigo" (Friend) and after a few seconds....Nicolas came outside with a HUGE SMILE on his face!!! 

~We took Nicolas to a park with our family and Gaby, and then Kimberly and I walked to a nearby bakery and got some hot coffees and hot aromatica drinks and some breads and donuts and brought them back for everyone to have a little snack.  For allllll we got we paid around $6.50!  :-)~
~Bath time in Colombia for little Abigail.~
~Our New Year's Eve!~
On New Year's Eve...we had a service that started at 5:00.
Kimberly played her violin and I played the piano, Sis. Farly led in the prayer time Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly led the songs, Sarah and Gaby sang, and Phillip preached.
~Jesus gave us a special service filled with HIS SWEET PRESENCE!!~
~Happy Colombian-American friends!  L to R: Mary, Stephanie, Elijah and David.~
~Then after service we came back to Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly's house for a yummy BANQUET!! :-) ~
~Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly are experts at baking a ham leg.  (here they come raw without any seasonings.)  It was Delicious!~
~And since we were eating at night we served the ham with fresh fruit:
Yummy Colombian Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, and apples.
We also served my jello salad (not pictured) and Sis. Farly's Coconut Natilla (Also not pictured.)
Natilla is a Colombian tradition for Christmas time!
It's sort of like a thick pudding. It was delish!)
~Sis. Farly used a recipe of mine and made a yummy punch.~
~"Tio" (uncle) Jimmy in one of Bro. Paul's shirts and Abigail.
Bro. Paul Pilmore sent a lot of Nice clothes for Pastor Jimmy with us and they fit him wonderfully and are being SUCH a Blessing! ~
~Uncle Jimmy with Mary.~
~Everything was so yummy and we are having such a nice time being together again after nearly 2 years!~

~Poor Abigail has to put up with ALL KINDS of things with her brothers and sisters!  Noah putting Abigail in his tennis shoes:-)~
~Best Buddies!  Sarah and Gaby!!~
~At the park with Noah's dear friend Nicolas.~


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lila said...

Wonderful post and great pics!! You will do a great job at the ladies meeting!!! So thankful you could be with family at Christmas time!! Love and prayers

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