Tuesday, January 27, 2015

~School 's BACK in session!~

UPDATE:   THANK THE LORD....the water came in this morning...and we now have water!  Thank YOU for praying!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Needless to say, school WAS NOT an option for the 26 days while we were in Colombia, for we had NO IDEA where our school work was...our books were distributed between LOTS of suitcases. :-)
We had hopes of trying to get settled over the weekend, and starting school today!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So after traveling all night and landing in Argentina at 4:15 A.M. on Thursday morning, then sleeping nearly all day Thursday, getting some laundry and unpacking done on Friday...
On Saturday evening, we took our kids to the park...to get some fresh air.
Abigail and Mary were still "dragging a little" so we wanted them to get out of the house for a few minutes.
The "Plata River" (the silver river) is 17 blocks walking distance from our house...so that is where we walked to.
~You can barely see downtown Buenos Aires in the background of this picture of Noah and Mary Happily wearing their Colombian shirts!  :-) ~

~Sarah and Mary.~
~Here are Noah, Sarah, Mary, and Elijah playing in the edge of the water.
The boys rolled their pants up ...and the kids had so much fun!~
~Kimberly holding Baby Abigail at the river!~

~I think baby Abigail looks SO MUCH like her AUNT LAURA through the eyes when she smiles!~
~Mary on Sunday...wearing Sarah's blouse as a night shirt...trying to re-coup from being so sick.~
We decided we would TRY to start school for 2nd semester today...Monday, Jan. 26th! 
All of our bodies are still on COLOMBIAN TIME, so we don't feel like going to bed until LATE.
On Saturday night I knew it was getting time to go to bed, but when I finally looked at the clock it was after MIDNIGHT!!
Soooo last night....DEAR Abigail decided that she was NOT going to go to sleep until after 2:00 A.M.!!!
Then she woke back up at 3:50 or so, and again at 4:?? and 6:30!  HELP!!!
How was a Mother supposed to get up and make breakfast, set a pretty fun School-y table, and greet her family with NO SLEEP???!!!
I tried to get up...I really did!
I got up, and got dressed, and was so DIZZY, that I went right back to bed! :-)
So, Mary, Abigail and I got up at 11:00 A.M.  :-(
Here's HOPING and PRAYING that Dear Abigail gets on the "sleep ALL NIGHT schedule" that she had back home in the USA!

Thankfully Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah got up and started their school work on their own!
~Mary "reading" Baby Abigail a story!~

The Dickinson School house is doing quite well this year...we now have 5 students!!~ :-)

~Precious Baby Abigail!~
~Look who is in Kindergarten?!  4 year old Mary!~
~She's our sweet little GIRLY Girl.
She LOVES being a little girl.
She reminds me of me when I was a little girl. She LOVES perfumes, lotions, and told Kimberly the other day that she wants to get married.  :-)  ~

 ~Our Precious Elijah is in Kindergarten as well.
Mary and Elijah are enjoying being in Kindergarten and studying together!
Elijah LOVES to be with people, so he is THRILLED to have a school mate and play mate in his little sister Mary! 
It creates a healthy competition as well.  They each want to make sure they color nicely, etc. for the other one will see their work.  ;-) ~
 ~I love Elijah's shirt that we found for him at Once Upon A Child!
It says, "No 1 when it comes 2 Fun!"  :-)
For those of you who know him....THIS IS SO TRUE!~
 ~While in Colombia Elijah lost BOTH of his top front teeth!  =) ~
 ~Noah is our Dear energetic 5th grader!
He's a Huge help to me around the house...now that his sister are studying again.  He does everything from empty trash, to holding baby!  He may look thin, but he's a strong little man.  :-) ~
 ~Sarah is our Happy 8th grader!  She helps as much as she can around her studies and music practice.
She LOVES to organize like her Mommy and her Grandma D....so one of her favorite things to do...when she gets a few minutes (or on her school break...while listening to an Odyssey story :-) is put away the cleans dishes and leave my kitchen spotless! ~
 ~And I can HARDLY BELIEVE that my "baby Kimberly" is now in 11th!
Kimberly LOVES being back in her very spacious room here in Argentina with it's own deck and desk!
She tries to help me some in the evenings, when her school day is wrapped up.~
 ~I finally got a fun school table set.~

~Here's my teacher's assistant...all worn out ...from NOT sleeping last night.  :-) ~
~Phillip bought some typical baked emapandas for us to enjoy for our Brunch/lunch, and Noah helped me make a quick salad to go with it!
The 2 bottles beside the salad are the TYPICAL SALAD DRESSING HERE....Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar!~
~And with our empanadas and salad, we drank a cold lemony juice!~
~For dessert Phillip picked up Strawberry yogurt (which is VERY RUNNY here! You could drink it with a straw!)
Kimberly got a bowl full and put granola on top.
She leaned over to get a spoon...and sweet little Abigail....who was sitting on Kimberly's lap...reached up and GRABBED her bowl of yogurt....pouring it all over herself and Kimberly!  :-)
Life is NEVER dull in this house!  :-) ~

It is quite warm here, in the 90's!  So we try to stay in the rooms that have a fan! :-)
Our neighborhood's water went off on Friday afternoon....and WE STILL DO NOT have water!  Thankfully a little comes out of the KITCHEN sink, but that is all!
No water upstairs to flush toilets, take showers, OR DO LAUNDRY!! :-(
Prayers appreciated that we get water soon!
All in all, in spite of a LATE START to our first day of school for this semester...
Jesus has given us a Good day!!  :-)


Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet post! Darla just asked me this evening if you had updated your blog... and I said, Probably Tues. She'll be delighted to see it is up on Monday! Thanks for being a "Detailed person" for then it makes us all feel like we are there for an actual visit! Except it's FREEZING HERE! Far, Far from the 90's!!! =) we got a skiff of snow last night. Not near enough though to have any fun with or cancel school! =( we all LOVE snow! Glad your back up and running... (Though to be accurate, Me thinks you all STAY RUNNING! ;-)
Lots of Love from this Haus!

Daryl Hausman said...

Forgot to comment on poor lil Abigail lookin like her Auntie. She is about as chunky as I was at her age! Growing like a lil weed! =) Give her a BIG squeeze and tell her I only helped pray her in (timing) but had nothing to do with her looks!=) Those came straight from Jesus! I'm honored that she looks like me a bit much more honored than she will be when she's old enough to give you her opinion! =) (And since none of our kids looked like me for long anyway... I'll take it while it lasts! =) Hausman genes were too strong... so I named Bryan my maiden name to even get a tad of credit somewhere! Smile! totally KIDDING ABOUT THIS SILLY POST! Love, Love, Love ya'll! Aunt Laura

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