Tuesday, July 3, 2012

~Mary's Happy Fourth of July pics~

~I had fun snapping some pics of Mary for Fourth of July! These first 2 pics were in Cartagena, Colombia.  Cartagena served a key role in the development of the region during the Spanish eras; thus explaining it's Colonial walls and fort.
I found this rock wall with a window in it and the ocean behind it, so took a couple pics of Mary there.~
~Mary LOVES her "big" brother Noah and knows how to say his name.  She's pretty much got him wrapped around her finger.  =)  She'll stand at the top of the stairs in our house and call down, "Noah, Noah!"  and wait for him to come up and get her. =)
Yesterday we were at the table and she said, "Noah, Noah!"  And then when he said, "Yes," she smiled and said, "Hi!" =) ~
~Mary is our adorable little clown.  She is constantly trying to think of things to do to make us laugh. =) ~
~Love her blue eyes Jesus gave her.~
~Not sure where this pose came from, but we snapped it anyways.  =D ~
~Much better!  =) ~
~Mary gets HER.SHARE.OF.KISSES from every member of our family.  We all LOVE her to pieces!
We are doing our best to guide her little precious feet in the Path that Jesus wants her to take.~
~That did it, Mommy, no more pictures please.  =D ~
We are Blessed by God to be Americans. Though we aren't happy with all the sin we see in America...II Chronicles 7:14 still applies.  May we humble ourselves, PRAY and seek HIS FACE and turn from our wicked ways as a nation!
I hope each of you have a wonderful Fourth of July.


lila said...

What a cute adorable blessing!!!!! She is such a clown. Love all the pics. You can tell she loves the camera! I'm glad she does because I sure enjoy seeing all her little poses and that cute, sweet face!! love you all tons

Daryl Hausman said...

A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E! There is so much personality wrapped up in that little girl. My fav is the spontaneous pose with her thumbs up. Soooo cute!:) I laughed so much about when she got Noah's attention and then just said, "Hi."
Love ya bunches,

Denise said...

Rottenness, rottenness! Aunt Nesi wants to get ahold of her so bad! What a dolly/ ham! That's too cute about her and Noah's relationship. Brings back a ton of memories of DJ and Lorna...with him being three years older, she got him wrapped around her finger pretty quick! Lol! (still pretty much does ;) ). Love and miss you guys!
Aunt Nesi

Kira said...

Wow Mary is mini Kimberly ! ...

Mary is a a sweet little donut all wrapped up in a princess hehe ! The Lord sure does make some cute babies ha .

How sweet to hear of her bond with her big brother ...memories are being made .

mmsbryan said...

Too cute for words. As Gramp says about me, don't laugh, it will just make her worse. :-) I can just hear the laughter of the family around that table when she called to Noah only to say, "HI!" Are families fun. God has blessed us way beyond what we deserve. Well must go and pack a box to send to Colombia. A Happy fourth to you all in the beautiful country of Colombia. Love, Moma

Jennifer Truitt said...

Sweet pictures!! She is adorable!!

Dorcas said...

What a cutie!!

RicKaren said...

What cute pics of your Mary. Love her little outfit!

Liz said...

What a Dolly! I love hearing how your family enjoys each other - what a privilege! You're a great encouragement to my heart!
P.S. how much is a washer there? I would love to contribute to the cause. iluvdarrell@sbcglobal.net

Kim M. said...

ADORABLE! I love the bloomers under her cute skirt.

Anonymous said...

A. Heather,
Love, Love LOVE the pictures of Mary! My fav is probably the "unexpected pose"...SO cute!
Love you all,

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