Sunday, July 22, 2012

~Miracle Monday~

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on Kimberly's 15th party.  Jesus gave us a special time for our special Kimberly. =)
~We had a Great time being with Bro. Smith and Stephanie! They and their family are DEAR people and we love and appreciate them bunches!
 Thank you for praying...Jesus gave us WONDERFUL Bible classes and services while they were here! On Sunday God came in a very special way again and several more people got entirely sanctified.  God's Sweet presence was so precious that none of us wanted to leave the service.
Last Wednesday the Smiths had to go back to their home/ministry.  In the morning before they left, My girls and I took Stephanie to buy a few more souvenirs and then we ran for a quick ladies time out for some good Colombian coffee!  Here we are at Juan Valdez (like our Starbucks).  Juan Valdez is the #1 coffee here in Colombia. (Colombia's Independence day was coming up, so we had purchased the Colombian flag you see in Kimberly's hand.)~
~Fun food and fun fellowship. =) ~
~Our frozen coffees and our large choc. chip cookies that we split.~ 
~Then right before Phillip took them to the airport we ran and got a yummy typical Colombian lunch together.~
Miracle Monday! 
After Phillip left to take the Smiths to the airport, I took a much-needed nap.  I felt like I had run non-stop and was needing to re-charge my batteries!  =)  Later in the evening after Phillip had come back from the taking the Smiths to the airport, he asked me if I had seen his daily planner that had his Visa credit card and his Colombian ID card in it?  After looking around the house quite a bit, he came to bed without finding it.  We had SPECIAL PRAYER that God would protect His visa card and things where ever they were!  His daily planner was special to him too, for it had lots of sermon notes, etc. in it.
The next day Phillip called our bank and temporarily stopped his card...then ran to the airport to see if they had found his book.  Although they had lots of documents of other people, his were not among them.  =(  So he came back and we kept praying that God would help it to show up.
We went to church Thursday night and God helped Phillip as he preached.  2 of our guards from our apts. came to church with us.  God gave us another wonderful service with 4 praying at the altar.  After service a new Brother came up to Phillip and told him that a taxi driver had called HIM and told him that he had found a daily planner and visa and Colombian ID card in his taxi after Phillip had gotten out!   (When Bro. Armando and his family had first started coming to church, Phillip had written their phone numbers in the very front of his daily planner, so that was the only number the taxi driver could find to call about the missing book and cards! =)   Bro. Armando had tried to call Phillip several times to tell him that his lost book was found...but had his OLD phone number so couldn't reach him.   Bro. Armando gave Phillip the number of the taxi driver.
So, on Friday Phillip called the taxi driver and he brought Phillip's daily planner, visa, and Colombian ID back to us.  Phillip gave him a nice reward for being honest!   Things like this don't happen often in the world we know that God was looking out for us!  
Isn't God AWESOME?!
I have more pics to post of the Smiths time here, and I still have to post our trip to Cartagena.  So... stay tuned!  =)


mmsbryan said...

Praising God for not only hearing but answering prayer for the lost. Daddy and I prayed knowing that too often especially in a taxi these things are never found. Again it was not because of who and or how many prayers but praise goes to He that answered.
Thanks for the recent post, it was most interesting taking a peek at your "ladies time out."
Love you all, Moma

Charity said...

Praising God with you!

Daryl Hausman said...

The Song writer put it best: "Praise God from who ALLLL Blessings flow!"
Love ya, Laura & Family

Brittany said...

Wow - thank the Lord for watching over your planner! So happy you got it back =)

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