Thursday, July 19, 2012

~Kimberly's SPECIAL Quinceañera...Part 3!~

 ~There were 2 surprises that Kimberly didn't know about for her Quinceañera.  One was that she was going to get a new Spanish Bible....and the other was that we had gotten a Christian Mariachi group to come and sing for her.  The first pic of her face was blurry, so this is the 2nd pic of Kimberly's face as they came up the stairs playing.  =) ~
 ~They sang some very neat songs.   Kimberly was VERY HAPPY!~
 ~Here's Kimberly and her violin teacher Adriana (who plays in Mariachi groups some too.)  Adriana told me that the Mariachi SURPRISED her very much.  She was very happy with them.~
 ~Included in the price was this beautiful bouquet of roses for Kimberly.~
 ~They knew Kimberly's name ahead of time and made the songs and their little talks personal by using her name.  It was so neat, that a lot of us had tears in our eyes.~
 ~Me ENJOYING the Mariachi.~
 ~Here Jeanette was putting her sombrero (hat) on Kimberly's head.~
 ~A keepsake video of the time while the Mariachi was singing was also included in the price too.~
 ~One of our favorite pictures!  Sweet Kimberly and her DEAR Daddy.~
 ~I like this picture too.  Look at Mary checking out that hat on Daddy's head.~
 ~The Mariachi group asked if we had any song request.  I said, "Te Vengo a Decir" which is a hymn we sing.  They said they'd sing it if Phillip would join them.  God has given Phillip an awesome voice, but he's timid and didn't want to get up in front of everyone.  (He'd a whole lot rather preach then sing. =)  So, I suggested that Sarah could sing with them.  She did a beautiful job.~
 ~During the song... Jeanette passed the mic to Phillip and he did a great job singing!  (I'm his #1 fan! =D) ~
 ~They sang a song that was like Phillip singing to Kimberly.  It was precious and made me cry!  WHERE have the years gone...that our baby is almost 15?~

 ~This was a pretty typical song.~

 ~Everyone enjoyed this group!  It was very special.~

 ~Jeanette singing a song about "Our sweet home/family!"~
 ~Then we had a special time of prayer...more tears!~
 ~A visitor from Mexico sang the Happy Birthday song to Kimberly.
 ~Sweet Kimberly and her bouquet.~
 ~Noah wearing the sombrero with his friend Felipe.~
 ~Bro. Rigo and Sis. Ilce from Cartagena with Kimberly.~
 ~We had a very beautiful evening...and all felt like doing what little Heather Sofia is doing in this pic. =) ~
 ~Bro. Jimmy passing out my little muffins/cupcakes.  They were a hit. =)
Jesus gave us a wonderful that we and mostly Kimberly WON'T SOON FORGET!  We Thank Jesus for giving us Kimberly and for helping us to have a wonderful evening celebrating Kimberly.~


Daryl Hausman said...

Very, very nice! I'm so glad that everything went so good!
Love ya,

Linda S said...

I have enjoyed your pictures of Kimberly's Quinceanera. Our little Emma is going to be part of a Quinceanera end of this month. Martha's church shares their sanctuary with a Spanish congregation and they have asked that Emma participate. They will have a service first and then a party. The grandmother has made Emma a special dress for that day. Am glad Kimberly had a very special day. Makes for wonderful memories for her to cherish.

Daryl Hausman said...

You need to upload the video of just their song so we can "hear" them too! =) Much love, Laura and Family

Kimberly said...

i'm so glad everything went well at Kimberly's party!! looks very special and also like lots of fun!! very fitting for how your family has embraced the culture and dear people there in Columbia...
(hope you can get rested up now!:)
it IS hard to believe Kimberly is almost 15...many blessings on her life and future...
i esp. liked the pic of Phillip with the pig:)

mmsbryan said...

I so enjoyed these pictures, just makes me wish that we could have been there and heard and seen all. What a memory for a little lady that is almost Colombian. I remember when she was six and found out that a call to missions meant she had to give up her doggie, Bridgett, she suggested that since it was not her that had a call, but her Daddy, that she would just stay with Gram and Gramp. ;-) Her animal loving Grandma and Grandpa took the charge of Bridgett and she got to go with Daddy and keep her pet as well. She has made a wonderful compliment to her Daddy's call, even it was not hers! How special you all are. Love, Moma

Dawn said...

Dear Sis. Heather -- Bro. Smith was sharing some about this blessed event in our Saturday AM prayer meeting -- so I had to come home and check your blog. What a beautiful memory you all have created for your beautiful Kimberly! Thank you for sharing so much of it on your blog for the rest of us to enjoy!! Blessings on you all! -- Dawn Castle

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