Tuesday, July 24, 2012

~Pics from the Smith's time here in Colombia.~

~Here are LOTS of pictures from the Smiths' time with us.  I hope you have yourself a nice glass of cold lemonade...for this post will be long!  =)  We had such an enjoyable time with the Smiths, and have wonderful memories from their 9 days with us.  This is their first night Monday, July 9th, through Sunday, July 15th.   Pics from their last few days with us coming soon.  =)
~I took a picture of the small fruit basket, coffee candy, a fresh bottle of water, and a handpainted Colombian coffee cup that I put in each of Bro. Smith and Stephanie's rooms.  Phillip had seen the handpainted coffee cups for sale on his way to pick the Smiths up at the airport, so he brought them home for me to add to their goodies waiting for them. =) ~
~Here's our Mary with our goodies from my parents, the Kemps, and Stephanie.   Thank you, Dear Kemps, for the Gold Star Chili (Skyline Chili) packets.  We shared some of them with Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly and they are HAPPY!  Thank you, Daddy and Moma, for the yummy candy to help make Kimberly's graduation cup cakes, and for the fun clothes you sent to all of us, and the gifts you sent to Kimberly and Elijah.  Stephanie brought our family lots of fun markers, painting markers, window markers, fancy pens, etc.  We and our kids are happy!  =) ~
~It was so nice that Bro. Smith and Stephanie got to our house at 6:00 P.M.  Most of our guests arrive in Bogota at 9:00 P.M. arriving at our house at 10:00-10:30 P.M.  So, it was so nice that the Smiths had a few hours that evening to eat a snack and visit with us, unpack and get settled, and get to bed at a decent hour to start teaching classes on Romans the very next morning.~
~Elijah with his binoculars and 4 dollars and 4 pennies, and card from Gramp and Gram for his recent birthday.  He loved his binoculars SO MUCH that...~
~We found him SLEEPING just like this!  When Phillip saw him sleeping like this, he laughed so hard he cried!~
~On Tuesday evening after the classes...Phillip, Stephanie, and I ran for some last minute things for Kimberly's 15th party the next day.  Here we are letting Stephanie try an "oblea."  This is a typical Colombian snack.   2 thin wafers that you spread your choice of caramel, jellies, grated cheese, and cream in between them.   Pretty rich, pretty good.~
~The Smiths, Bro. Edgar, and us eating a snack Tuesday night after we got back from running around.~
~Elijah loved Bro. Smith.  Bro. Smith said that Elijah reminded him a lot of his grandson.~
~Thursday night in church.  The Lord really helped Bro. Smith preach and God's SWEET presence settled down.   We wept and wept.  Several got entirely sanctified and our service lasted for 6 hours!  Several victories were won!  How we PRAISE THE LORD for His help!~
~Friday was Stephanie's birthday.  So, while Bro. Smith, Stephanie, Phillip, and Kimberly were at class on Friday,  I made a simple birthday cake for Stephanie.  I just added some Peanut Butter to coolwhip for the icing, used Mini Reeses cups, and made an "S" out of chocolate. (I then PANICKED and prayed, "Dear Jesus, PLEASE help Stephanie NOT to be allergic to Peanut butter!"  When she arrived I asked her if she liked P.B. and she RELIEVED me by saying that she did! =D )~
~A close up of Stephanie's cake.~
~We got a dozen roses for her and Sarah made her a... ~
~birthday card from us, and we all signed it.~

~Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to Stephanie when she came home!~
~Phillip took our pic with Bro. Smith, and Stephanie.~
~Pretty Stephanie with her cake, roses and card.~
~Before we ate the cake, we took the Smiths out to eat yummy Colombian rotisserie chicken for supper!~
~Bro. Smith fixin' to eat with his plastic gloves provided to us to keep our hands clean while we ate the yummy chicken.~
~All of us fixin' to enjoy our chicken supper.~
~Then we went home and had cake and ice cream.  Here's Stephanie's plate...she got the chocolate "S."~
~Sweet Stephanie and sweet Sarah.~
~Pictures from Friday's class on Romans.~

~Visiting around a snack on Saturday night.~
~Sunday morning in church.~
~I made lunch for everyone that was to attend the last class on Romans that was to be held after church Sunday morning.  I made it all at home on Saturday, baked the lasagna on Sunday morning, and then Bro. Jimmy and his Dad helped us haul everything to serve in the 2nd floor above the church.   I made 3 9x13's of lasagna, 8 loaves of my french bread to serve with jelly, a salad, gave each person an apple (to eat later in the afternoon) and made 3 jello cakes.  I just used coolwhip and tinted it a tad blue and quickly added some of the roses that Kimberly had made earlier.  Phillip had accidentally turned off our alarm Sunday morning, so I only had an hour and a few minutes to bake the lasagnas, get everything and everyone ready, and get everything out the door! ~
~Stephanie speaking to our church on Sunday morning.  The Lord came in a special way and more people were entirely sanctified.  We had such a special time that none of us wanted to leave.~
~This sweet sister with Stephanie was testifying that she was in such PAIN in her back that she could hardly walk but came to church and came forward to pray anyways.  (She was supposed to have surgery the very next day.)  While she was praying up front, God touched her back and healed her and she could move it all around without any pain.  Praise the Lord for His wonderful power and care to each of us.~
~Dear Sis. Sofia (Bro. Jimmy's mother) testifying!~
~Then Stephanie had Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly and their girls come forward so we could pray for them as the leaders of the Christian Nation church here in Colombia.~

~We sang lots during this service.  Here we are singing, "Draw me Nearer" in Spanish around the altar.  This photo was unplanned...someone snapped it of Phillip, Kimberly, Stephanie and I singing.~
~The 3 pastor's wives' hugging after the sweet service.~
~The 3 Dear Colombian pastor's wives and I.  We had been crying quite a bit...God's presence was so DEAR!~
~Stephanie, and Sis. Farly, and Sis. Alba.~
~Then we went upstairs and some ladies helped me serve our lunch.  I'm slicing my french bread here.~

~Sis. Farly and Bro. Jimmy enjoying their lunch.~
~Me with a wonderful man I found among the crowd. =)  (That's my sweetheart...just in case there is anyone new reading this. =) ~
~The 3 church leaders, their wives, Bro. Smith, Stephanie, and Phillip and I.~
~All of us and those who had attended the classes on Romans that week.~
~Stephanie saying goodbye to Bro. Alberto and his family.~
~Stephanie also got a piece of cake and a card from Nataya for her birthday.   She had 2 willing helpers to help her eat her birthday cake. =D More pics from the Smiths' last 3 days with us coming up.~


mmsbryan said...

Dearest Heather, I so enjoyed this post! This picture of Elija and his binoculars is unreal. I can see why his Daddy laughed until he cried. It was so fun for Gramp to be able to send a Grandone his usual $1 and 1 penny for each year of their birthday in real cash! Usually it has to be a check and to you all, it has to go through the missions treasure (poor man how does he tally such an odd amount . . . and just to pacify the heart of a lonely Gramp? It was neat the Smiths would bring some things to you from us and that included a card, cash gift and the binoculars to a cute little grandson.

How we thank the Lord for His coming and moving in the services and classes. Love, Moma

Stephanie Smith said...

Dear Dickinson Family, Thank y'all (as Heather would say ;0) for such a wonderful time in Colombia. Our first time in South America, and we'll never forget it. The best part was watching God pour His Spirit out on your precious people. What a privilege to be able to help you all reap the harvest of holiness God has helped you sow in Colombia! What great memories... like eating "lechona" for the first time at Kimberly's party, celebrating my b-day with Heather's PB cake and Colombian style chicken, and shivering while we drank cafe con leche on top of Monserrate! Thanks for your great hospitality - you guys are some of our favorite friends and missionaries! Stephanie S.

Daryl Hausman said...

Just now getting time to catch up with your visitors. Praise the Lord for His sweet Holy Spirit coming into your midst! That pic of Elijah SOUND asleep with his binoculars is a classic! Loved this entire post. Love ya, Laura

Pamela said...

I love how you make everything special for everyone around you, Heather. It's beautiful to read about and to see God bless you for your joy.

lila said...

So gald the Smith's could be with you! How sweet that you made Stephanie's birthday so special for her. You are so sweet and thoughtful! Very nice post, that Elijah is too funny, Love you all

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