Saturday, July 7, 2012

~Jesus helped us to have a nice 5th anniversary for our church.~

~Thank you for praying for our church's anniversary service/dinner last night.  Jesus gave us a wonderful evening.  Here's a few A TON of pics for you to enjoy.  Sorry for the over-load of pics...but I don't have time to post another post tomorrow for we have LOTS to do to get ready for our company on Monday, the classes starting on Tuesday, and Kimberly's party on Wednesday. =) 
~Each family in our church received an invitation like this to invite an unsaved family to join us for the evening.  There was a good crowd that came, and God really helped us and it was a precious evening.
~One little TIRED Elijah sleeping with his Curious George and his stick horse the night before.~
~Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly asked if I could make banana muffins for each person coming.  So, we baked 160 to take with us. ~
~Little Mary all clean and ready to get dressed up for the evening. (Sarah wrapped her hair in a towel for the first time.  =) ~
~The muffins all ready to take.~
~I just made mock coolwhip, and tinted it a light purple, and added a cherry on top for a pop of color.~
~Our whole house looked like a bakery, there were muffins every.where!!.~
~Kimberly made a cake to take too.  It says, "Happy Birthday, INC."  (Iglesia Nacion Cristiana/Christian Nacion Church.)  I thought she did a nice job. ~
~Jesus and I wrote a poem for the church's 5th anniversary.  Bro. Edgar did a great job designing/printing it for me.  Then Phillip and I "matted"/scrapbooked and framed it. =) ~
~I did Sarah's hair in a crown, then added some fresh flowers.~

~Our 5 all dressed up for the occasion.  The church rented a hall to have this service/dinner in.~
~The table with our little muffins and the cake.~

~Getting everything ready before everyone showed up.~
~Mary swinging from the counter in the kitchenette.~
~Elijah, Mary, and I snacking, for we hadn't had lunch.  Kimberly had made sandwiches for us to eat, but then in the rush, we completely forgot them at home. =(  So, Phillip ran and grabbed some snacks to tide us over. ~
~Sarah and Mary with their friends Laura, Alejandra, Gaby, and Sara.~
~Sis. Farly~
~Phillip leading the hymns.~
~Kimberly and I playing for the hymns.~
~Little Mary finally surrendered and took a MUCH-NEEDED nap.  (Kimberly had tried to put her to sleep earlier in the afternoon and she just wouldn't go to sleep.) ~
~Elijah, Sarah, and Noah singing "God has a plan for my life" which the Lord helped me translate into Spanish.~
 ~Our family fixin' to sing Bro. Glick's song, "Lord I give myself to Thee."~
~Sarah, Gaby, Adrian, and Noah singing a special.~
 ~"The kids section" =) ~
~Kimberly playing a special on her violin.~
~Bro. Armando and Bro. Edgar singing a special.~
~Phillip snapped this picture of me tying Elijah's shoe for him. =) ~
~Here I am reading my poem to Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly/and the people.  I told Phillip this morning that I would have rather him read the poem since it was in Spanish, but that knew that I can do all things through Christ (and with Phillip by my side).  =) ~
~Here I am presenting this to Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly.~
~Here is Bro. Jimmy looking at my poem, and I'm hugging Sis. Farly behind him.  She and I both had lots of tears that were threatening to fall.  They are such a precious couple and we love them dearly!~
~Bro. Jimmy speaking up front.~
~Phillip preaching.~
~Then a Peruvian/Colombian group came and sang neat Andean music.  It was not a concert, nor a show, but a neat evangelistic time.   They gave their testimonies about how God saved them, with tears running down their cheeks.  They were challenging us to serve God and reach out to others.    They did a good job.~
~The kids listening to them sing.  They had pretty harmony and did well playing their instruments.~
~Our family.  Both of our boys had out-grown their suits, (and Elijah doesn't fit any of Noah's suits yet) so we got them each a new suit, and the girls some new clothes too.  On the way to buy their suits Phillip told Noah and Elijah that they would LOOK like him...a preacher...with their new suits.  So, when Elijah was trying on his suit coat, he looked up at us all shy and embarrassed and asked, "How am I supposed to preach?"  =D We assured him that he didn't have to preach. =)
(We are Praying though...that one day God will call our boys to be preachers/workers for Him!) ~
~After the service we served a delicious "stuffed pig" called, "Lechona."  It is a special seasoned rice and lots of pork that's cooked in the pig skin.  It is BEYOND delicious!~
~Noah's little friend Nicolas, his Mother, and his Grandmother came to our service.  His Mother and grandmother have never come to church.  They seemed so happy with the service and all and Thanked us over and over for inviting them and caring about them.  (I can't believe I failed to get a picture with his mother and grandmother.)
We were SO HAPPY that they all 3 came. ~
~Everyone eating.~
~Such a special evening.~
~Bro. Jimmy and Phillip "cleaning out the dregs" of the Lechona pan.  =) ~


Brittany said...

Hello, Heather! So happy to see that your birthday service turned out so well =) Kimberly's cake is beautiful - she's definitely got a gift there! Sarah's hair looked so pretty in the crown, and they ALL looked cute in their dressy clothes - love little boys in suits :) My little Carson calls a tie a "tight", because he thinks they're too tight ;) I just love the red white and blue pics of baby Mary, and especially love the pic of her in her new blouse and jean skirt, that was precious! I will be thinking of you and your family during your busy days ahead. I know Kimberly's party will be beautiful, and I look forward to pics!! You're so great at taking lots of pics - makes us feel like we're actually "there" =)

Kira said...

Wow what a beautiful evening with lots of sweet people and yummy food I imagine the view from the windows of the hall were amazing !

You all looked stunning , Sarah's hair was lovely and her white dress so sweet Kimberly looked so grown up in her nice outfit and Mary was just too cute looking to put into words ....Noah and Elijah looked very handsome and just like their daddy.

You are such a precious family and i will be praying that you can everything done for your visitors and for Kimberly's special party .

lila said...

Where do I start? Wow, all those muffins, they look beautiful!! Love the pic of the kids all dressed up. So glad you had a nice turn out and a good service!! Sarah's hair is beautiful! Praying for your very busy week ahead. love you all tons

Daryl Hausman said...

How nice. Loved "being there" with your many pics! Prayin for your BEYOND full week, the classes, company plus Kimberly's party. So glad your doing this for her. So special. Just as special as SHE IS! Much love, Laura and Family

Daryl Hausman said...

You all looked so sharp in all of your new clothes for the celebration! Sarah's hair was really cute! I loved what Elijah said about preaching! I would LOVE to hear what he has to say in the pulpit! lol! Kimberly did an awesome job on the cake, I thought that you all had bought it from a bakery there, it looked so good! I also loved Sis. Farly's blue shoes! :)I am glad that everything went smoothly! Love ya,

mmsbryan said...

I have been just too busy for I completely missed this post. I trust that God will bless all the work that went into this effort and some lives will be touched for eternity. Surely it was a labor of love! The children looked so nice and the boys did look like preachers. I loved Sarah's hair, nothing so beautiful as the natural lengths that God gives. thanks for taking time to share with all us out here, I know that both those that let you know they are reading and those that do not, appreciate reading of the ministry of Christian Nation Church and what it is doing in South America. I love you and praying that God will bless the loaves and fishes. This time it looked like you made more than that but stil as you know only God can give the increase. I love you all, Moma

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