Monday, July 16, 2012

~Kimberly's SPECIAL Quinceañera...part 2~

~Bro. Edgar helped us by designing and printing Kimberly's invitations that we passed out for her party...~
~And her programs that we gave each family as a keepsake at her party. ~
~In the inside of the program Phillip wrote special words to Kimberly as Daddy, and I did as Mommy, and Kimberly wrote special words to us, to Pastor Jimmy and family, and to those who had come to her party!~
~Here I'm still playing songs for background music while waiting for the rest of the guests to get here.~
~I had planned to make a whole bunch of food for Kimberly's party, but when Phillip and I got to thinking about it, we realized it would cost just as much for the ingredients as it would to buy a Lechona (rice and pork stuffed roasted pig.)  So, we decided to go that route, since I was already doing lots and so tired.  Here's Phillip with the Lechona. (Don Marrano...Mr. Swine. =)~
~Phillip is tying Sarah's bow here and I thought it was cute, so had Kimberly snap a picture.~
~Noah and Elijah meet Mr. Pig!~
~Our family~
~Phillip greeting everyone and thanking them for coming.~
~Phillip asked Bro. Joseph Smith to give a challenge to Kimberly/the young people there.  His words made me cry.~
~He also asked Stephanie to speak.  At the end she sang a special.  I cried while she was singing.~
~Here Noah, Sarah, and Elijah were going to sing God has a Plan for my life in Spanish and English.  Elijah was tired and got very embarrassed, so.........~
~He hid behind his stick horse (which he had brought up with him to sing) and turned completely around...  ~
~and sang to the top of his lungs with his back toward the crowd.  =) ~
~Kimberly and her violin teacher Adriana playing a duet. ~
~Phillip bought Kimberly a Spanish Bible (hers had gotten left somewhere) and looked up 15 promises for young people, highlighted them in her Bible, and read them to her during her party.~
~Here he is presenting her Bible to her.~
~Bro. Jimmy gave a good challenge to Kimberly and young people too!~

~Kimberly playing a violin solo.~
~It's tradition here for the Quinceañera to take pictures with every family that comes to her party.  I won't post allllll of those pics, but I'll post a few.  =)  Here's Bro. Smith, Stephanie, and Sarah with Kimberly.~
~Marina, Marcela, Valentina, Sarah and Kimberly~
~Bro. Jimmy's DEAR parents, Bro. Jaime and Sis. Sofia and Kimberly.~
~Here's Kimberly with her good friend Diana who used to attend our church in Paraiso.   And another girl from Paraiso.~
~Noah's next door neighbor friend Nicolas, and his Mom and Grandma with Kimberly.  =) ~
~Kimberly's violin teacher, her son Joshua, and Kimberly.~
~Kimberly's (and ours) dear friends Paula and Felipe with Kimberly.~
~Bro. Alberto praying for the food.~
~Sis. Farly made YUMMY Salpicon fruit drink, and here she and Sis. Alba are serving it.~
~Kimberly with adorable Heather Sofia. ~
~The Lechona (stuffed pig) being served.~
~Bro. Jerson, Sis. Sandra and her brother, and Kimberly.~
~Sis. Joanna, Edgar and Heather Sofia, with Kimberly.  Gracias, Hermano, por tomar nuestras fotos para nosotros.  Y tambien MUCHAS GRACIAS por hacer las invitaciones y los programas tan lindos.  (Thank you, Brother, for taking a lot of our pictures this night for us, and for making Kimberly's really cute invitations and programs.) 
~Kimberly's "second family"...Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly, Nataly, and Gaby. =) ~
~Bro. Alberto, Sis. Alba, Natay, Johan, and Emmanuel with Kimberly.~
~Sis. Ilce, Stephanie Smith, and Bro. Rigoberto enjoying their Lechona.  This was the first time that Sis. Ilce had eaten Lechona.  We didn't know it, but she's been wanting to try it for a long time...but she lives in Cartagena...24 hours away (by bus) and they don't serve Lechona there.   I think she liked it.  ~
Part 3 of Kimberly's SPECIAL Quinceañera coming up.  =)


Daryl Hausman said...

How Beautiful! Thank the Lord for His help and meeting the desires of our hearts in just so many special ways!God is Good! Thanks for loving Jesus 1st, Kimberly. That makes our hearts so glad! ((Hugs)) A. Laura and family

lila said...

What a nice get together!!! Sure would love to have been there!!!! Love Bro. Phillip's hat. The invitations and Kimberly's keepsake card is adorable. Glad you dedided to do the pig and save yourself a lot of work. I feel sorry for all those you will be leaving behind in a few months, but we survived, so will pray they will too!!! We still miss you all terribly!!! Hope we can visit you several times when you get back to the states!!!!! love you tons

Brittany said...

Everything is just as pretty as I knew it would be ;) You always do such a great job with get togethers! I love the colors - and really love the pretty maxi dress Kimberly wore. It looks like it was a very special time - so happy for all of you!

Daryl Hausman said...

Oh how I wish you could've seen the look on Bryan's face when I scrolled down the screen and with NO WARNING that huge dead pigs face showed up!!!! It was priceless! lol! He can't imagine it being as yummy as ya'll say it is! He's so worried about it that he says, "Mommy, if I'm in Colombia with Daddy visiting over my 15th birthday... Please I'd rather have my party HERE!!!" I laughed so hard at him, crazy boy! Love ya lots and I'm sure that dish would taste delicious!
Much Love,
Laura and family

mmsbryan said...

What a special evening - while Missionary children make sacrifices to leave their friends and family, God gives them so much more in return. All your hard work paid off as the results were beautiful. Glad that God has given you a Colombian family as well that could be there and help you. May God bless them for all that they do for you and you for them. Elijah's singing with his back to the crowd just gave the special touch that only he could have done for his big sister. Wish we could have been there. Love, Gram

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