Monday, July 30, 2012

~Miracle Monday~

You probably recall me talking about our pastor's wife in Medellin not having a washing machine. We have figured that for around $300.00 she could get a nice Colombian style washing machine.
PRAISE THE LORD $120.00 has been given toward getting a washer for Sis. Alba.  If anyone else feels it on their heart to give to this worthy cause; Gifts can be sent to our support address in Ohio and marked "to help buy a washer."  If the anything extra comes in, it will be given to help those in need here.
Phillip Dickinson
P.O.Box 511
Maineville, OH 45039
Thank y'all and may God RICHLY bless!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Back in 2004 when we felt that God was calling us to go to Colombia as missionaries we had 2 GIGANTIC yard sales and sold nearly all we owned.   Now, I'm not asking you to feel sorry for us, but SELLING OUR STUFF was one of the hardest things I've had to do.
(SIDE NOTE: I personally would recommend to any new missionary to sell the things you don't really care about, but THINK HARD and SAVE/STORE the things that mean a lot like some wedding gifts, antiques, etc.)   We did store some things, but sold others that I WISH we would have kept.
Anyways, during that process, one of the HARDEST things for me to sell was our PRECIOUS, GORGEOUS, Amish built, 9 1/2' table, with 12 matching chairs, and a matching deacons bench to seat 2/3 people.  It was VERY HARD for me to sell that for as you know I have company over A LOT, and I treasured my table and chairs which Jesus had created a miracle to give us.  But, I knew I couldn't get it back to Ohio to preserve it and in the dry heat of AZ it wouldn't have been a good idea to store it, so we sold it.  I remember telling Phillip that I was trusting Jesus to get us another table and chairs some time down the road.
Well, last week my sister called and left a message on my phone wanting to know if I had opened my "Christmas in July?"  I couldn't imagine what she was talking about.  So, I went to check my email to see if there were a message from her.  There was!!!!  She had received a text from someone wanting to know if she knew of anyone who needed a dinning room table. She said that YES she did!  (She needed one and she knew that I needed one!)  When they got the table they put it in their dinning room.  This table had been in that family for years and in order to strengthen it, they had screwed all of the 4 leaves into place.  So since the leaves couldn't come out, the table was too long for Laura's dinning room. =(  (I'm praying that Jesus provides another table for Laura and her family!)
So, she and her family took LUGGED THE HEAVY TABLE over to our house and she said that it fits PERFECTLY in my dinning room.  She said that even with large chairs on the ends of our table, there was still plenty of room to walk around!
Laura said that it's as if this table was JUST MADE for our dinning room.  =) =) =)'s the beautiful table that Jesus has provided for us...and ~
~I'm excited to see how He's going to provide our dinning room chairs some day too.  =)
Here's my sweet sister Laura with our new table.    Laura has eaten at this table and said that it will seat 15 or more people.
I thought y'all would enjoy hearing the story of how God gave us another table that's just RIGHT for our dinning room He just provided in 2010 too!  =)
 It PAYS to serve Jesus...not just in material things He provides...but MAINLY in the PEACE that He gives in our hearts, once we have surrendered EVERYTHING to Him!  Isn't JESUS AWESOME?!!~
One HAPPY..........


Rob and Deanna said...

1 word ~ AWESOME!!!! Can't wait to join you all around this table in a few months ;-)

mmsbryan said...

Praise the Lord! I like this table even better than the one that you had to sell. God is good. And to whom ever made this gift possible, it is good to give, for much is given in return. May God bless that family and also provide for Laura, who helped "lug" that table. :-) Love, Moma

lila said...

Beautiful, wow, that is a neat story!!! I plan to sit at it in the near future!! It will be so fun to decorate, love how big your dinning room is!! love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

I'm contented knowing that Jesus could use us in a small way to help meet the desires of your heart!! In His time He'll provide a table that we need too, but until then I'm shouting His praises for meeting your needs!We aren't doing without a table and can always "borrow" our neighbor's deputation table when we need to "Stretch" the table out for our guests! =) Much love, Your Sister, Laura

Anonymous said...

Love your table! It reminds me of our table it was free to us (an answer to prayer), but no chairs yet! We are using folding chairs now. They work and if one brakes it's not as big a deal:)!!! Hannah Klunder

Brittany said...

Beautiful post and beautiful table - God is so good!

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