Thursday, July 5, 2012

~We had a HAPPY fourth of July~

~My "fourth of July" started a couple days earlier...when Jesus sent me my JULY Taste of Home in the mail!  This is my first Taste of Home I've received since getting back to Colombia in March.  I was HAPPY!~
~Don't you love it when you are helping someone else shop...and you find a very fun deal for yourself?  Last Saturday Kimberly, Sarah, and I were out shopping for shoes for Kimberly who REALLY needed some shoes.  The Lord helped us to find her some cute shoes, and He threw in this fun leather pair for a great deal for me.  =) ~
~I decided to quickly make a jean table runner for my fourth of July table.  I got it all done without the ruffles, got it ironed, and kept looking at it trying to think what I wanted to add to it... ~
~Then...I decided to add the fun ruffles of jean (I used the salvage of the jean for one side of my runner, then I measured and sewed a seam in that far, and threw my runner in the washer, so it would "rag" on the other side the same amount.  For the ruffles: I wanted a contrast so I used the reverse side of a lighter weight jean.  I simply used a wider stitch and pulled those threads to gather it, and then sewed it onto the runner. =)
Since our table is so little, I measured in 9" or so before I added the ruffle, so there would be room for a plate at both ends of our table.  =D ~
~Here it is with the new fourth of July picture of our little Mary. ~
~This Fourth of July was a tad different.  Phillip, Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, and Elijah left early in the morning to go help Pastor Jimmy and his family at the church.   They had a REAL work day...tearing out some of a concrete wall, making a shower in the bathroom, making rooms for people to stay in when we have the Bible classes next week, etc.  (Our church just rented the 2nd floor above our church for Sunday school classes, events, classes, people to stay in, etc.)    So, while they were gone, "Mary and I" made a couple fast Fourth of July foods to serve to everyone when they got done working.  I made a flag out of fruit.~
~Fun, Fresh, and Festive! Blueberries, watermelon, and bananas.  (I added a little lemon juice to the bananas so they wouldn't turn brown.)  (And since I have little ones, I always use clear plastic over my table clothes to save from wash and wear. =)~
I made something I had seen in Taste of Home as well.  I couldn't get the recipe to open up for me on-line to see the name and I'll just call them..."Oreo ice cream sandwiches!"
I just dipped the top of an Oreo cookie in chocolate, and added some red, white, and blue sprinkles.  T.O.H. used only white ice cream in the middle...but I decided to use scoops of red, white, and blue ice cream and then I added another Oreo on the bottom.  It was a fun and fast little dessert that we all enjoyed!~
~For YEARS I have looked for a cake stand for sale here in Colombia.  I'm sure they have them for sale in the North, but I NEVER found one around where I live until just THIS WEEK!
Next week we have some EXCITING PLANS that I will tell you about, my pretty cake stand was purchased for that event!~
~My Fourth of July table!  I added a little bow of gingham to my cake stand just for another touch of blue and white for the fourth. ~
~A Closer look at the "Oreo ice cream sandwiches!"

~I had to do some shopping for the big event next week, so little miss Mary and I met up with my friend Marisol and we ate lunch together and then walked around together trying to find Just. the. right. thing. for...DRUM ROLL....Kimberly's 8th grade graduation party/Quinceañera party.  Now, Kimberly won't turn 15 until next Jan. but by then we should be living/working in Argentina!   We NEVER celebrate our kid's birthdays so early, but this birthday is a BIG one here in Latin/South America.  We REALLY wanted to have a Quinceañera for her here in Colombia for she has lived here since she was 8 and has so many DEAR friends that are like FAMILY to us!  
So, Lord willing, next Wednesday, July 11th, we are having a Quinceañera for Kimberly in the 2nd floor of the church.  It won't be as fancy as I would love to have it, for we don't want to go to the expense of renting a big hall, and table clothes, chair covers, dishes, etc.  But, Lord willing, (with HIS HELP) it should be a fun relaxing little celebration for our special Kimberly whom Jesus has loaned to us.
~Here is Mary eating lunch.  I failed to get a picture of Marisol and I.~
~Then when we finished shopping, Mary and I jumped in a taxi and ran to the church to help as much as we could before they finished up for the day.~
~2 dusty happy friends!~
~One VERY DIRTY "Daddy Lion" asked me to take HIS picture.  =) ~
~Hanging curtains to make 2 bedrooms for some families to stay in next week during the classes on Romans!~
~One happy little Mary.~
~Dear Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly are Hard WORKERS!  God really helped Pastor Jimmy and his family and Phillip and our kids get a lot accomplished this day in the church.~
~Kimberly and Nataly were a big help as well.~
~Then all 11 of us CRAMMED into their car and went to our house for a snack.~
~We hadn't had supper and were starving so Phillip got some pizza first, then we enjoyed my 2 Fourth of July treats!~
I would appreciate your prayers for:
~Tomorrow, Friday, July 6th (My Grandma Bryan's first BIRTHDAY in Heaven!) is our church's 5th Anniversary service/dinner.  All of us from our church have invited several unsaved families.  We would appreciate your prayers that Jesus will help this to be a blessing and touch lives for Him!~
~On Monday, July 9th, Bro. Joseph Smith, and his daughter Stephanie will arrive from IN to teach/translate our classes on the book of Romans starting Tuesday, July 10th-Sunday, July 15th.  Please pray that God will make this classes a blessing for ETERNITY!  
~Kimberly's Quinceañera on Wednesday, July 11th.  It will be like a service as well, for there normally is a sermon at these events.  

Thank y'all for your prayers and all of your sweet comments.  It makes MY WEEK hearing from y'all! =)


Stephanie Burley said...

Wow! Busy times for you all! Sounds like next week is going to be really special. Our family will be praying for your requests!

Kim M. said...

Enjoyed your update. Love your new cute, feminine shoes. Your table runner looks great!

Shel Bel said...

I love your food ideas!!..I loved the flag dessert tray!!! And I noticed that you all were wearing jackets. Are your seasons opposite of ours? Thank you for keeping us up to date with your family

The Dickinsons said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone! It's always fun hearing from ALL of you!

Dear Shel Bel,
Where we live in Colombia is pretty much Fall weather all year around, so we hardly go anywhere without taking a jacket. =) We are nearly 9,000 ft. above sea level.



lila said...

Sweet Heather!!!! You wear me out!!! I'm glad Jesus is our strength!!!! So happy you are able to do all the things you do. It looks like so much fun and hard work. Will be praying for all the endeavers next wk. I know everything will be lovely!! Can't wait to see pics. Your 4th of July table and all is so cute. Love your posts!!! love you all tons

Anonymous said...

Happy belated 4th to ya'll. Loved seein your pics. Everyone looks F.I.N.E. in their new "preachin" clothes! That was too cute of Elijah wondering what he had to "preach"! Kids! they are truly God's special gifts to us, huh?!
((Hugs)) Laura

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