Saturday, July 14, 2012

~Kimberly's SPECIAL Quinceañera...part 1!!!!~

~This is My FUN FOOD FRIDAY post a day late!  I'm sure you've probably seen these cute little graduation cap cupcakes somewhere before.  I had written my Moma and asked her to buy me the supplies for them, since I can't get the mini Reeses cups and the Twizzlers here in Colombia.  My sister told me that Peanut Butter works great to stick the chocolates together.  I was under such stress because I had a little boy with an ear infection sleeping behind the curtain you see to the right and I was TrYiNg to keep everyone quiet so as not to awaken him.  Plus there were BIBLE CLASSES going on down in the church!  I had my Elijah who was NOT ready to quiet down for a nap and my Mary who was PUSHING a plastic chair around on the concrete floor, 2 other little girls running around... I had people from every direction asking me what to do.  =)   So, it NEVER dawned on me to put the P. Butter in a ziplock bag and cut a hole in the corner to put the little dollop on top of the grad. cap to hold the Twizzler piece and the "M&M" button.
So, that is the tip that I would tell you...I think that instead of using the white icing that the recipe told me to use, I would just squirt out a tinky bit of P. Butter out of a Ziplock bag to hold the 2 candy pieces on top of the "graduation cap" and it wouldn't show up as boldly as the white icing did.
But, I was happy that we could make these little Grad. caps for Kimberly's 8th grade graduation...for I've seen pics of them for a long time but never had a graduation for which to make them. =)
THANKS BUNCHES, MOMA...I'm waiting on the bill for all the supplies you picked up for us. =)
(Normally they icing the whole cup cake, but our people here in Colombia don't like a lot of icing, and I was in a hurry, so I just put a dollop on to hold the "graduation cap." =) ~
Thank you for your prayers for the classes on Romans that Bro. Smith and Stephanie are teaching!  Jesus is really helping.  The other night our mid-week church service lasted from 6:00-midnight!  There were at least 3 different times that people came up front to pray.  And God gloriously sanctified 3 of our leaders.  We don't deserve God's sweet presence, but He settled down among us, and I don't think there was a dry eye in the congregation!  PLEASE KEEP PRAYING the classes on Romans go through Sunday evening.
I have pics to post of the Smith's time here (and yesterday was Stephanie's birthday, so I had a simple party for her)...but I want to first post Kimberly's 15th birthday/8th grade graduation party pics.  There are so many I want to post that I'm going to have to do it in 3 parts.  =)
THANK YOU for praying for her service/party.  I could feel your prayers as we all worked to get ready for it.  We had it in the 2nd floor above our church, so I had to drag EVERYTHING from my house over there in a taxi.
Sis. Farly and her girls and Natay from Medellin, and Cindy and her girls, her Mom Doris, and her sister Kelly all were a BIG help in getting the 2nd floor of the church all set up for Kimberly's Quinceañera.
~I asked Noah to snap some pics, so he took this one of us getting the hall ready.~
~The Lord helped us the day we went shopping for Kimberly's dress.  She found a maxi dress that she loved that has a lot of blues and greens in it (probably her 2 favorite colors) she decided to go with those colors for her party.  She absolutely fell in L.O.V.E. with this green Textured vase when she saw it in the I decided that we could just buy it and then buy blue and white daises and that would be a simple pretty centerpiece. =) (I only paid $3.50 for all the flowers we used in her party.)~
~Her table.  We passed out cards and pens for each family to write a note to Kimberly...and bought a small photo album to put them in for Kimberly to keep. =) ~
~We thought these little blue buckets were so fun!  So, I put the pens in one, flowers in the middle and spoons in the other.~

~DEAR Sis. Farly slaved away making YUMMY fruit Salpicon for Kimberly's party!  Mil Gracias, Hermana...estuvo DELICIOSO!!! (Thanks Millions, Sister, it was DELICIOUS!) ~
~I have no clue what I would have done WITHOUT Sis. Farly.  Among some of what she did was...She took charge of finding people to help blow up the 98 balloons to make our arch, she tied all the balloons on the arch, and she transformed a very gruby little Elijah into an adorable clean little snazzy boy!  =D ~
~Little Mary was a HUGE help too.  ;-) (Notice the fun bigger blue buckets that match the 3 little blue buckets we found to put the water tube and sand in to make the arch.  =)~
~What a little sweetheart!~
We were going to tell our guests to not bring gifts...but Bro. Jimmy told us that every 15 year old wants their CASH he encouraged us to include in her invitation that we were going to have a card shower for Kimberly.
Dear Sis. Joanna made the fun little blue and green box to put the cards/cash in.
~Here's Joanna and her sleeping Heather Sofia, and Kimberly and a VERY TiReD little Mary with the pretty little box that Joanna made.~
~ Muchas Gracias, Hermana, la caja es preciosa! =)  (Thank you very much, sister, the box is precious!) ~
~Noah and Elijah and their friend Adrian, all slicked up for the party. ~

~Kimberly and her friends...Nataly (Bro. Jimmy's daughter) on your left, and Natay (Bro. Alberto's daughter) on your right.  ~
~The people gathering in for the service/party.  The Lord gave us a good crowd and there were at least 65-75 guests who came.~
~Here I am "serenading" the crowd with my piano music while we were waiting for others to arrive.~
~Kimberly and a certain Special man in her life.  Thankfully (for right now)...her Daddy is the only special man in her life.  =)  We are PRAYING (and have been all her life)...that God would guide Kimberly to the RIGHT CHRISTIAN young man who Loves God with ALL OF HIS HEART...and who will Love Kimberly and help her (and their children) to get to Heaven.~
~Mommy (Me) and her SWEET Kimberly!~
~"My Grandma loaned me her shoes for the occasion."  Hee! Hee! No, seriously, I needed gray shoes and  thought these were fun.   =) ~
~Here's a fun ( but blurry) pic of Elijah "taking a picture" of Phillip and I with his Lightening McQueen toy camera. =) ~
~How Phillip and I thank Jesus for loaning us sweet Kimberly to raise for HIM!
Part 2 and Part 3 of Kimberly's service/party coming up.  =) ~


Daryl Hausman said...

Kimberly looks very sweet in her maxi dress! It is so cute! I also love the colors of the party. Thanks for sharing these, can't wait for the next parts!
Love ya,

Daryl Hausman said...

Aw...Loved all the pictures! And I LOVE your shoes! =)

Anonymous said...

Im so looking forward to seeing parts 2 & for sharing the pictures. I just told my husband the other day that your family makes being missionaries look "fun". Even though i know that it is far from that all the time, you can tell that you are happy to be where God has put you!!!! Thanks for sharing your life with us

Shelley Hatfield

RicKaren said...

I love her dress, and what a fun and pretty party!

lila said...

The cupcakes are cute! It is neat how creative some people are. Everything looks lovely and am glad a lot showed up and all the help you had. Kimberly is such a dear! love you all, waiting for part 2 and 3.

Daryl Hausman said...

How sweet! Loved your Dress Kimberly! So happy Jesus helped your special night to turn out so beautifully. When we follow Jesus with our whole hearts, He is faithful to give us the desires of our hearts! Love you so much, your OH family!

Daryl Hausman said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I liked your Con-Grad-U-lations cupcakes! Turned out really cute. ((Hugs)) A. Laura

mmsbryan said...

What a lovely evening. I had to smile at the choice of colors that are so in today's fashion. Some day Kimberly may look back and smile also. If when you were her age and we could have known the in-colors of this day neither of us would have believed it. But they are very pretty together! So glad that she could find the right dress. I loved the picture of Elijah taking a picture with his camera. He is too cute. Little Mary as well, must have have added a touch of glee to the occasion. So glad for all the help from the church ladies making it a special time. Looking forward to more pictures. Ask that man in "Kimberlys' life" right now if this 'Quinceanera' means she is old enough to date???????? Love, Gram

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