Saturday, June 30, 2012

~Our fun days in Medellin...Part 2~

~Last time I left y'all with pics of us riding the bus to get to the gondolas (or cable cars) to ride them with Bro. Alberto, Sis. Alba and their family.  These are very cheap to ride (less than a dollar per person), for many people of Medellin use these instead of buses to get up the mountain. 
You can see 2 cable cars...the red on your left, the blue on your right.~
~I snapped this pic of one group of us right before their door shut.  Bro. Alberto is acting like he is shutting the door. =) ~
~Elijah, Phillip, and I in our cable car.~
~And on the other side in our cable car was Sis. Alba, little Mary, and Natay.~
~A beautiful scene from our cable car.~
~Bro. Alberto, Sis. Alba, Natay, Johan, and 7 yr. old Emmanuel.~
~When I arrived in Medellin, I asked Sis. Alba to please make Mary another CUTE jean skirt and we would pay her for it.  This was our last day and I was going to let Mary wear her new skirt.  When I came out of my room in the morning, Sis. Alba handed me this ADORABLE blouse that has a belt that ties in the front...that she had quickly made for Mary to wear with her jean skirt.  She and Bro. Alberto are amazing seamstresses.~
~Adorable outfit...adorable Mary. =D ~
~For several years....Phillip would travel alone to Medellin once a month, ride the cable car up the mountain, get off and go and preach in the street, trying to touch lives for Jesus.  There are some that got saved through that Ministry.  As Phillip would return he would pass these 2 brothers selling "Guadapo" which is juice squeezed from the sugar cane.  (You can see the sugar cane in the blue bucket!)  They make it ICE cold, and add lemon and it is beyond delicious!  Phillip would often buy a cup when he passed them, and visit with them.  The last time we were in Medellin (Jan. 2009) our family got to taste Guadapo and we LOVED it.  So we all REALLY wanted some this time.  But, when we got to where they normally sell this, these 2 brothers were working on their machine.  =(  So, we didn't get any guadapo...but we did get a photo of Phillip with these brothers.~
~Kimberly and Natay~
~Bro. Alberto and his family and our family got some fresh fruit from this stand.~
~Elijah enjoying his "Salpicon" which is the tropical fruit recipe that I shared on my Fun Food Friday a while ago.~
~When we got to the top of the mountain, we saw some beautiful trees and scenery that sort of reminded us of beautiful Flagstaff, AZ!   Here's our family with Emmanuel.~
~And Bro. Alberto and Sis. Alba and their family with our family, and to the right..."who-knows-who-kid"...who wanted to be in the picture with us. =D ~
 ~Phillip and I with some pretty scenery.  Sis. Alba made the "raggy style" jean skirt I'm wearing.~
 ~Then we came back down on the gondolas and enjoyed a Colombian lunch together.  It's very common to have a fried egg served on top of your rice.  We love it!~
~Natay, Kimberly, and Sarah enjoying their delicious lunch.~
~Noah, Emmanuel, and Elijah.~
~Johan and Elijah.~
~Then we got into 2 taxis and drove back across the city of Medellin and up a mountain on the other side of the valley to their neighborhood called "Paris."  We QUICKLY threw all of our things into our suitcases to leave to catch 2 catch a bus to catch our airplane! =) ~
~L to R: Alberto, Hugo, Phillip and Mary.  Years ago Phillip was walking through a bus station and heard a man preaching.  Phillip stopped for a little while and amen-ed him, and then afterwards talked to him.  He found out that his name was Hugo.  For the next several months when Phillip would come to Medellin, he would bring Hugo Bibles, etc. to pass out.  Then one day, Jugo told Phillip that he had a friend named Alberto that he wanted Phillip to meet!  Phillip met Alberto and in time...Alberto told Phillip that their meeting was of God.  Bro. Alberto had been praying that God would lead him to a church that would be like the early church in Acts in Holy living.  From then on Bro. Alberto has wanted to work with us.~
 ~After our 2 taxis rides down from their house, we had an hour bus ride from Medellin up to a small town/airport called "Rio Negro."   We flew out of Rio Negro to go to our other church in Cartagena. 
Isn't this a beautiful picture of the Andes Mountains?
~This is on top of the mountain looking back down into Medellin. 
Don't go away...Pics of our time in Cartagena coming up soon! =)
Have a Blessed Lord's day!~


mmsbryan said...

Made me miss Medellin, I remember our visit there so well, a wonderful time with the people and your family. All except Baby Mary, "we" didn't have her back then. I loved your little Miss
4th of July and would like to give her a squeeze. Also I liked Kimberly's black and white stripped knit top and Sarah's as well, at first I thought they were matching. Looking forward to more of your travel-log. Love, Moma

lila said...

Love, love, love the 4th of July pic of Mary. What a doll she is. That cable car looks like a lot of fun! It sure is beautifull there. So glad the whole family could make the trip!! Love you all tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Enjoying catching up with Ya'll. Love ya much and love the pic of Mary with her "Red, White and Blue poky-dots!" Love ya'll, Laura

Daryl Hausman said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! Enjoyed seeing all of these pics from your trip. Mary is so adorable in her new jean skirt and blouse! Love you guys so much,

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