Sunday, February 27, 2011

~We are VERY Grateful to these dear people!~

~Here is a picture of Jimmy's parents, Bro. Jaime and Sis. Sofia. They are the dear ones that opened up their home for our family to stay with them for 2 weeks. (For those of you who might not know, our old apartment was filled with mold, Elijah got sick and nearly died, we had to leave our home right away, and we stayed with Bro. Jaime and Sis. Sofia until God found us another home a week ago!)
Que Dios Les Bendiga Ricamente!!! Ustedes son una bendicion para nuestra familia. Disfrutamos el tiempo con ustedes y con los Pastores Jimmy, Farly y sus hijas MUCHO! Les Queremos!
(Translation: May God richly bless y'all! Y'all are a blessing to our family! We enjoyed our time with y'all and Pstor Jimmy, Sis. Farly and their daughters very much! We love y'all!)~
~On the first Sunday (the day before Valentines) I made Skyline chili for Sunday dinner.~
~Then I let the kids make red sugar heart shapes on the Rice Krispy Treats that I had made.~

~Pastor Jimmy's oldest daughter is named Lady Nataly. She prefers that I use Nataly on my blog. Here Nataly and Kimbery are doing dishes...What sweet helpers! =)~
~One week after Elijah got out of the hospital we took him and the kids to the park. He had been INSIDE for a whole week...and if you know Elijah he was about to CLIMB THE WALLS! He was sooo excited to get out. But, he was still weak and couldn't run very well, but enjoyed himself and the fresh air.~

~We enjoyed a lot of delicious meals out of "Sofia and Farly's Restaurant"! =D They fed us lots of yummy food! This was a dish that Jimmy made. =)~
~We had precious times of family devotions together. This night we sang several hymns and I played. God's presence was close.~
~Mary and her Colombian Abuelito (Grandpa) Jaime.~
~I can't believe our sweet little Mary will be 5 months in 2 days. I was soooo SAD that I didn't get a chance to take Mary to JCPenny's for pictures before we left. Then I had PLANNED to take her pictures when we first got back to Colombia...but you know how our lives went during those days! I plan to try to take some pictures of her soon.~

~Kimberly and Nataly arm wrestling. =)~
~During the 2 weeks we were there at their house, Sarah, Noah, and Gaby all lost a tooth. In this picture they are each holding their tooth. =)
(In the back ground you can see Sis. Sofia holding Elijah. He was always near the kitchen, singing a song, watching whoever was cooking and wanting Sis. Sofia to hold him when it was time to eat. =) ~
We really enjoyed our time with these 2 dear families!! May God richly bless them for their kindness to us. The neat thing is that we only live about 3 blocks from them now, so there are more fun times to come. =)
When we left for the USA back in Aug. Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly packed up their things to move to a house. Now...7 months later...they are still living with his parents (and storing their stuff in the church) and waiting on God to open up the doors for them a house. Could you please join us in PRAYING for a house for them in God's will and Time! Thank you!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, I SO enjoyed looking at these pictures of DEAR people. You are absolutely glamorous in the Skyline Chili dinner picture! (It's no wonder you are thin-with a FOUR story house to live in, and the laundry room on the TOP floor!!! HORRORS!)
The picture of Phillip with Elijah on the swing caught my attention because Phillip reminds me so much of my mother's two brothers here, Uncle Danny and Uncle Billy.
I was noticing that Noah was missing teeth, so I was interested in hearing that 3 of the children had lost a tooth. Smile.
I enjoyed that you said 'Why-juh' loved Sis Sophia. She must be a sweet lady since Elijah liked being with her.
Each of your children are beautiful to this prejudiced Grandma. Smile. I LOVED seeing these pictures of them.
I pray that Jesus will help you with your busy life and your many responsibilities. Dad and I feel priviledged to have family in Colombia working for King Jesus.
And bless the kind family that took in seven 'homeless' people. Now that's love!
With love, Mom D

mmsbryan said...

For some reason google has eaten my last two attempts to comment but will try again. This was such an interesting post of the wonderful people that are standing by you. How we thank them and are praying for Jimmy and Farley a house soon. Then his parents can get lonely with all their kids out of the house. ;-0 It looks like they have a lovely home. Elijah looks so sweet swinging with his Daddy. So glad that the kids can have a Grandma in Colombia. Kimberly and her friend both looked so pretty working and playing together. Much Love to all, Moma

lila said...

Many thanks to the dear people that took you all in. I know they enjoyed having you. Enjoyed all the pics. Glad you are in your own place. Praying for you. Please pray for us. love you tons

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