Monday, February 21, 2011

~Getting box at a time!~

For weeks now I didn't know HOW we could move. With my having to feed Mary every 2 hours during the day, (for she is still an angel and sleeps 9-10 hours each night =) and having Elijah to keep up wih too, I didn't feel like I had the strength and energy to move. God must have known how I felt, for would you believe that on the morning that we were to move, I woke up sick with a 12 hour FLU! I was sooooo sick to my stomach all day long. All I could do was lay in bed, and PRAY for all who were moving our things.
(Last week I did go to our house and I did some packing.)
God sent 16 people (including our and Jimmy's children) to help move our things. PRAISE GOD! Phillip rented a big truck. 4 or so guys showed up to help that were friends of the truck driver. Phillip said they were WORKERS and were a huge help! Since I was so sick, Farly and her Mom took our children (except Mary) and went in my place and told the workers where to put things in our new house.

The Lord has been good to us. Jimmy's family and parents have been DEAR to us!
We are working hard to get settled into our new home, and God helped us to get a lot done today!! In the mean time Jimmy's family (where we have been staying) is allowing us to spend a couple more nights with them while we finish things at our house. (We had to get rid of a lot of things like our kids' mattresses, our living room furniture and woven rug, etc. due to the mold. So, it will take us a few days to get new ones, etc. We couldn't chance having tons of mold around Elijah again!)
(We certainly didn't have plans to come back to Colombia, throw all this away and buy more again, but God knows!)
I know that the only way we made it through the recent trials which have come our way is through God and the prayers of His people! Thank you for your part in praying for us!!
I must go and get some sleep, for tomorrow there are lots more boxes to unpack, organizing to do, etc., but we are enjoying our new home! =)


Anonymous said...

We prayed in family devotions last night that God would send help for your move, knowing how exhausted you guys are and how hard you have been working. Thank the Lord for HIS faithfulness and for people who are willing to work for HIM. Still praying for complete recovery for my little buddy Elijah. The day he was so sick, all day long as I was thinking of him and praying for him, I was thinking of how sweet he was that last day we were there and I had him at the house. I sat down beside him on the floor to put his shoes on, he wrapped his little arm around my neck and put his cheek against mine and gave me a squeeze and an adorable smile. Such a sweetheart. So glad God has helped him to be better!!

Love and Prayers!
Melinda Shirk

Anonymous said...

Also praying that God provides the $$$ needed to replace the things that were lost!!!


daryl hausman said...

Thanks for keeping us posted! We have been praying for ya'll! We love ya'll bunches!

lila said...

Bless your hearts!! I am soooo glad Jesus sent help. So happy for your new house and the wonderful location. God is the best Father and Provider and you are the best of His children. Sorry you had to throw things away, but I am glad you are able to buy more:) Looking forward to more updates. Thanks for keeping us posted. I check your blog everyday. love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I wonder if Jesus wanted you to move to a different location but knew you wouldn't even consider such a thing without STRONG motivation. I remember while with you in Goshen, OH, you mentioned not wanting to return to Colombia because you were so afraid that Elijah would climb the low wall of your high balcony, and then, fall to the ground below. I know I nearly had a heart attack when you made that remark to me.
So, maybe all these events have worked together for your family's good. For sure, it is going to be nice with no water leaks on your heads and beds!
However it all is, I do pray that Jesus helps each of you to adjust to your new surroundings, and that he helps you to get comfortable in this new place, as soon as it's humanly possible. And, I am delighted that there's no balcony for Why-jah to fall off of. (Or I HOPE there's not!)
Doth not my eyes burn within me! It is past my bedtime, and I feel like two raisins are sitting in my eye sockets. I already turned into a pumpkin, months, yea, even years ago!
Mom D

Lee Holladay said...

Heather, It is such a comfort to me to know that you guys are settling into your new place! It is amazing how the Lord worked everything out! (Not that it was a surprise to me, I was expecting you guys to find a better place) I'm so relieved that it is done and you are safer. (No more mold, safer!) Hugs to all! Love, Lee

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