Saturday, February 26, 2011

~Just for you, Moma =)~

~My Moma asked me to at least post a pic of the front of our house...until I can post the pictures of the inside all, here you go, Moma! =) Our house is the one to the left of the light post without the green ball. It is built tall and skinny so is hard to get a picture of "just our house." We have 4 floors, and you can see 6 of our 7 windows. The 1st floor is living room, dinning room, and kitchen. The 2nd floor is the boys room, the girls room, and a full bathroom. The 3rd level is our room...which also includes "Mary's room", "Phillip's office", and our full bathroom. It it a nice size room. The 4th floor is where I wash clothes and hang them to dry, and is where we have a outside porch with a balcony (yes, we have another one, Mom D., but this one is more safe). It is a nice place to grill out, etc. We are impressed as to how QUIET our house is. We were afraid that we would be hearing music, walking, noise, etc. from the houses around us but we can't! YEA!~
~God who knows all things....moved us JUST IN TIME!!! For this week the rain season started again. We are sooo happy that the rain is on the OUTSIDE of our house and not dripping in our beds and everywhere else like at our last house! God is beyond Awesome!
This is what we had facing us in every room last Monday.~
~But God is faithful and sent Farly's brother along to help us! He was a huge help to Phillip. Putting beds together, moving furniture around, etc. On Wednesday he went and helped Phillip clean our old apartment!! Here they are working in our room.~
~Sarah working in the boys room.~
~Noah and Elijah playing in the dinning room/living room. (pic. taken from stairs.)~
~The day we got our new house was exactly ONE MONTH since we had flown back from the USA to Colombia. Talk about SOME KIND OF MONTH, But God's grace carried us through.
Me hanging clothes in our closet. Happy to be getting settled!! =)~
~Noah has been DYING to break his piggy bank and so he can buy a skate board. (For those of you who remember his answer to prayer for a BLUE skateboard some years ago, it is now tooooo small for him!)
So, Phillip told him that he could break his bank when we got to our new house. This is right before they broke it with a hammer. Notice, little Elijah has his ears plugged. =)~
~On Friday we went grocery and supply shopping. We were out of everything!!! Phillip took me to a neat indoor fruit market that Bro. Jimmy had showed him. It is wonderful and CHEAP!!! We had a blast stocking up on fruits and veggies! Elijah is holding a bag of carrots that cost only $1.00!~
~Here are 8 or 9 different yummy fruits that we bought to enjoy!~
~I came home and made each of us a "fruit plate" as a snack. Elijah is ALWAYS hungry and is my "right hand man" when it comes time to make food. Here he is "helping me" by licking the spatula from the coolwhip I had just whipped up. =D~
~Here's a picture of one of our fruit plates which had papaya, strawberries, bananas, and peaches, with a "touch of coolwhip". Delicious!~
~Sarah must have known that I was one tired Mommy this morning, for she brought me breakfast in bed. =) She had cut a slice in a strawberry to hold her note to me, but in her climb to the 3rd story to deliver my breakfast, the strawberry sunk in the yogurt. =)~
We are VERY HAPPY for just this evening we got our gas hot water heater installed!...Finally we get to enjoy REAL hot showers! The Lord has helped us and have gotten a lot accomplished this week. We are trying to get settled and are planning for our our kids to start school again next week. We love our new house and THANK GOD for it daily!


Natasha said...

Thanks for the pictures of your house! Can't wait to see the final product.
Love you all bunches,
The Hausmans~

Anonymous said...

So happy for ya'll and happy to see your progress. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Melinda S

lila said...

So happy you are getting settled. Glad you have a lot more room. Praise the Lord for prayers answered. He is soooo good to all.Look forward to more pics. love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

It makes my heart happy to see your life settling down to a dull roar. And, I am so grateful to Jesus for his pressure in your life that helped you to put forth all your energies to find a different house. I realsze that sheer necessity was the ONLY reason you guys even considered moving. But, if you don't croak in the near future, I trust you will be able to enjoy the fruit of this months hectic and puzzling events.
I must pray and I certainly do hope that little busy Mr Elijah survives life on the balcony of your apartment. After doing his arobics on your balcony, he likely will be able to do arobics for the circus when it comes to town. Although, I do hope he doesn't work for the circus when it comes to town.
The picture of the boys playing in the living room together, with Noah's sombrero and Elijah in his underwear with two white legs hanging out from the underwear filled my heart with joy.They
looked adorable playing in their livingroom with all the stuff.
Love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

Thank you little girl, for honoring my request, however I do not see how in the world you had time or energy to do so! I sent a comment right away but Google for some reason ate it, and I did not have time to rewrite it. Your house is lovely and I am looking forward to seeing you make it into a home! God had blessed you again inspite of satan's attacks. It is delight to see our Little Elijah being his delightful self again. How good God is to spare him and give him back to us. It looks like my "Whittle Whitttle" has put a nice shine on the boys chest. The picture of Noah about to break his piggy bank is classic! So glad that Phillip will have his own study for he has so needed that. We are praising the Lord for His hearing your cry and the cry of many others and answering. I love you, Moma

Bryanna Shirk said...

So happy you got a house!!! I am sooooo happy you posted pic of it!!! It is sooo pretty!!!!
Thank you for posting pics!!!!
Praying for you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for your NEW HOME!!! So glad for you all!!! Hope you get settled in quickly!!! Enjoyed seeing the pictures!!! Give the kids hugs for me!!! Praying for you!!!

Anonymous said...

The last post was from me - Sis. Jowers :)

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