Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~Back-to-school pics!~

Our kids did school first semester then had to quit due to some deputation travels, Mommy being sick with the kidney infection, working on our home, moving into our home, Christmas time with family, and packing for and moving back to Colombia. As you know when we got back to Colombia 12 days ago...besides unpacking 16 suitcases, we've had a lot of mold to deal with. So, I had told our kids that we wouldn't start school for 2nd semester until February 1st. Today was that day...and here are some pics from our day. =)
~Yesterday Kimberly and I made the donuts that are on the front cover of Sept. 2010 "Better Homes and Gardens" issue. Elijah "helped" us. (Our "donut hole cutter" was the blue and white lid to a new water bottle that you see in this picture. =) The donuts were for our breakfast on our 1st day of school.
(I know that most of you don't use your washer top as a counter top...but that is nearly all the counter space I have in my kitchen. My dear husband bought me this big wooden cutting board to lay on top of my washer...so I have a couple more feet of counter space. =)~~Our finished product. They looked better than this before Elijah picked up the tray dropping some of them...knocking some powdered sugar off. =)~
~Our breakfast table.~
~Yummy fresh fruit (Mango, strawberries, and bananas), and home made donuts, plus...
~Scrambled eggs, and coffee. Yes, even Elijah had coffee...with milk. =) (He was sad for he thought he wasn't going to get any fruit. Did he ever have fruit?! He ate 3 or 4 big pieces of Mango, plus other food.=)~
~Our family...minus Mary who was still sleeping.~

~Elijah enjoying his coffee...down to the last drip. He asked for more...but we declined. =)~

~"Mommy the teacher" and her sweet students.~
~Mommy's "littlest helper".~

~Noah helping Mommy by holding Mary.~
~Kimberly at her desk.~
~Sarah at hers. (I forgot to get a pic of Noah at his desk.)~
~We bought Elijah a new notebook to draw in so that he could "do school too." =D~
~Mommy's "biggest helper". =)~
~Phillip was up on our roof praying and so the boys were playing up there. They took our market cart and hooked it on to their truck to make a trailer, then took turns riding in it. =)~

~For lunch we had homemade personal pizzas, chips...and "homemade" oreos for dessert. =D~
It was a good school day....and we're off to finish these grades this year... in between trying to find another place to live here in Colombia (hopefully leak-free roof and mold-free), and moving to Argentina in a few months, Lord willing.


lila said...

Very nice pictures. What a busy little home you have. love you tons

Anonymous said...

I could just feel the warm feeling pictured in your home today. I remember those family times and how special they were. So glad that Baby Mary did well on her first day of school and that Elijah "the biggest helper" only spilled the plate of donuts. By the way your donut hole cutter was clever as it had the hole to let the vacumn escape.
Congratulations to the teacher and students. How do you get such handsome students! I love you all, Moma

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you're getting back in a "routine". Loved the pictures!!! Miss you all and are praying for you!!!

-Sis. Jowers

Kimberly said...

Happy 1st Day of school!!:)
that picture of Elijah with the coffee is Too Great...he makes us proud here in Louisiana:)
love and prayers...

........... said...

Oh I love all your pics. Your kids are so beautiful and growing so much. I esp love your washer countertop. What a creative idea :) ~Carla~

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I am happy that I was able to spend time with your charismatic charmer, Mr. Why-jah. He is such a cute smiler in these pictures that I'd never have one clue about the busy and exciting times he brings to his family in real life. I honestly believe that Why-jah is busier than my hyper Michael Dean was at that same age.
All I know is that Michael made me really tired, and Why-jah made me even more tired! Ha!
Heather, you all are so busy with your responsibilities in life that I hope Jesus gives every one of you strength to keep up with your many endeavors.
I so enjoy the 'first' and 'last' days of your Homeschooling sessions when you describe them on your blog.
Our hearts are there in Bogota' with each of you.
Love, Mom D

Making Memories 1999 said...

Cute pictures! I trust this semester goes well for you all, and that you find another house soon! Blessings!

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