Friday, February 11, 2011

~Pics and update~

We are soooooo THANKFUL TO GOD!!! (and all of y'all His people who have prayed for us!!) that we are back together as a family. When we found out that Elijah was going to be released from the hospital and he was coming "home" to Bro. Jimmy's parent's house there was GREAT REJOICING!! He is doing lots better. He is breathing pretty much normal and his cough is getting better too. We are being faithful with his medicines, and keeping him in and resting...and God is touching him!! We are soooooo Happy! Thank you for praying for him!!
Please do continue to pray about our housing. We soooo much appreciate Jimmy's parents allowing us to stay with them until we can find a place...but there are 13 of us in a 3 bedroom condo. (Jimmy's Dad works at we are trying to keep our Elijah and Mary QUIET during the day.) We are very grateful to them, and we are trying to do our best to keep our things picked up and help as much as we can...but we surely would like to find our own place as soon as possible! (For we don't want to be a bother to anyone.)
The problem is that most people here do not like to rent to a family who has more than 2 kids. =) But, since "children are an heritage from God"...He will have no problem finding us an owner who will be willing to rent to our family...with 5 kids. =D Also, since we are not Colombians, sometimes we have had a hard time renting a house. So, just please help us pray that God will work out all the His time! We have seen a nice house close to Bro. Jimmy's parents home and are supposed to meet the owner tomorrow. Please pray that God will guide us. He KNOWS what house is best for us...and I know He is already working in our behalf.
~Here are some pics from our stay here at Bro. Jimmy's parents house. We are having fun staying together. The lady in the blue is Bro. Jimmy's Mom, and the lady in the brown is Bro. Jimmy's wife Farly.~

~Kimberly feeding Elijah some soup just after he got out of the hospital.~
~The kids playing games together. Gaby is Jimmy and Farly's youngest daughter and she is holding our baby Mary. Lady is their oldest daughter sitting on the bed across from Kimberly.~
~Elijah LOVES shoes. (I wonder WHO he got that from? =D He must take after his Mommy. =)
So here are several pics of him wearing different people's shoes. We are sooo HAPPY to see him being his normal energetic self.~
~Farly giving Mary a bath in the laundry sink. =)~
~I had Mary sitting in her stroller...when I saw that Elijah had climbed under the stroller and was laying I snapped a pic.~
~He got out Gaby's tennis shoes.~

~And my boots.~
~Family worship...together. Jimmy's Dad Bro. Jaime (James) was already gone to work.~
~Elijah, Mary, and Noah~
Thank you for your prayers for us a house. Phillip and our 3 oldest kids went and worked at our house today. They washed clothes and hung them to dry, for with the mold there is a lot of clothes/blankets, etc. to wash up. (The day we left our house there was no water all day long, so I couldn't wash clothes. And the clothes that I had on the line we had forgotten about with Elijah's emergency...and they had soured. =(
While they were working it started pouring the rain...and started hailing...and water ran into our house in several places. We'll let you know as soon as God works out a house for us.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dickinson family,
I am sooooo VERY thankful that Elijah is doing so much better!!! I was so worried about him! I was praying, and will pray that he will continue getting better, and that you will find a house!
God bless!!
Bryanna Shirk

Sherry L Dickinson said...

These pictures of Elijah looking 'well' sure made my heart feel better, I'll tell you!
Although the pictures of all of you look so interesting, Ohhhhhhhh, you guys need your own place to live in.
I am doing my best to pray for your situation.
Mom D

Kim M. said...

Oh Heather, I am so glad! We are praying for you still. God will provide!

mmsbryan said...

Thank you for the post it was wonderful to see our sweet little boy looking more like himself. We will be forever grateful to those dear people that are giving up their space to share a home with you. Praying for the right house. Today was Daddy's birthday and he told me that now he is as old as me! :-) I have beem busy all day making it special for him so that we could include Grandma. I am still feeling ill from all we have been through together. I have so felt the many miles between us at this hard time. Loving and missing each of you. Moma

lila said...

Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord! I know He has a nice house for you all. We too are continuing to pray for your situation. Love you all tons

Anonymous said...

I love "his" pink tennis shoes!!!

I really appreciate that you guys do the blog so that I can keep up with your work. It helps me not miss you soooooooooo much. I still really miss you though!!!!!
Bryanna Shirk

Daryl Hausman said...

Awww! That makes me NEED a squeeze ALL THE MORE! So sweet pics of everyone! Thanks for posting!
We love you so much!

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