Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~Some pictures of our USA house...in the rough!=)~

We are supposed to give some papers to the owner of a house today. He said that he wants to rent to us. Please keep praying that God will guide and open up the door of the house HE WANTS us to have. Thank you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here are some pictures of our house in the USA. Phillip has worked un-told HOURS on our house. We have replaced all electricity, all plumbing, added 2 more bathrooms, tore out plaster, built some new walls, and replaced some rotten floors, put in insulation, we paid for new dry wall, etc.
Late Thanksgiving night our family was heading back from my parents house and decided to "camp out" in our home that night. So, we bundled up (there was no heat yet), all slept in one room on the 3rd floor, used a space heater, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. On "Black Friday" we all worked, and decorated a tad for Christmas to help our hearts. ~Noah and Elijah.~
~Sarah, and Kimberly~
~Mary slept in our guest bed with Phillip and I.~
~Then we all stayed bundled up and the Hausmans came over and helped us and we scrubbed the banister downstairs, the walls, the door, etc.~
~Bryan, Darla, Noah, and Sarah helping scrub.~
~Elijah, Bryan, and Noah helping carry boards.~
~Then the Friday a week before Christmas Laura and I carried our decorated Christmas tree upstairs...so that the dry wallers could dry wall our downstairs.~
~Natasha taking out nails so the dry wallers could drywall.~
~Kimberly and Brittany carrying door frames, etc. downstairs.~
~Elijah climbing the ladder trying to help in our dinning room! =)~
The Monday after Christmas our dear friends the Shirks came and worked day and night for 5 days helping us on our house. Those pics are coming soon.


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Oh Heather! I've been waiting to see all that went on when you were remodeling this house. I'm so happy to see these pictures.
Your sweetheart mom sent me one of your dad's singing CDs. I LOVE IT! We just got it in the mail yesterday, Monday.
If you guys are actually close to finding a house in Bogota', I am shocked at how quickly the process is going. I know it doesn't likely seem fast to you, since you guys are 'homeless' but it seems that Jesus is helping you in a timely manner.
Jan Ollsen is in a care center, riddled with cancer. She just called and wants me to come see her, so I'm going to 'drop all' and go see her. I am so happy that I know she is a Christian. It is delightful to talk with her about the Lord and the Bible. But, with her multiple brain tumors, her speech & thought process is really muddled.
Mom D

Stephanie said...

So glad you are making progress on getting another home to rent! Love the pics of the Cincy remodel. The memories that your kids are making by helping in this process are priceless...not to mention the experience they are gaining!

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

It appears I'm having trouble spelling my own name. :)

mmsbryan said...

Praying hourly that you will get the house in God's Will. I have felt so much for you in all this that you have had in your lives that often I have to remind myself that God is "enough" in even this. I am waiting to see pictures of your "not so rough" house and to know that you have one again in Bogota. ;-) I love you, Moma

PS so glad that Stephanie can't spell her name, either! It is a comfort to have company in some of these delimas. :-)

Lee Holladay said...

Heather, I am so delighted that you all are getting a house. We don't know which house, yet ,but we do know that you are getting one!!! Also, I'm delighted to hear of Elijah's improvement!!..Please give the kids kisses and hugs from us! Love you all, Lee

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
Good to hear that you might be getting your own house soon, and so glad Elijaih is still getting better. You got some great pics. I enjoyed looking at them! Thanks! Love n Prayers, Hannah Klunder

Daryl Hausman said...

Memories!!! Brittany laughed and said that those pics of us are our "claim to fame"! I guess I was thinking "Uh...oh well, now the real me is out"!!! :) love and miss you LOTS, Laura

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