Friday, February 11, 2011

~We need our own house. =)~

Talk about DYING and wanting to run and hide...Elijah just vomited and here we are living with 2 other families! Please pray that this isn't a flu and doesn't go through all 13 of us. It might be his body trying to get rid of the phlegm out of his lungs.


Dawn said...

Oh, Heather -- My heart goes out to you and your family! It is so sad when our babies are not well. And it seems as though you all have had more than your share of "home sharing" -- in Colombia AND in the US! But God DOES know and He WILL provide! Praying for you all while also praying for our little Silas (3 yrs. old) who is hospitalized with similar symptoms in Virgina. May God answer ALL your prayers and meet ALL your needs! HE IS FAITHFUL! --Dawn Castle

Anonymous said...

Praying you will find your new house!!! and that no one else gets sick!!!
I miss you guys sooo much. please tell Kimberly I said hi!!
Love you guys!
Bryanna Shirk

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Happy Valentine's Day to our family in Colombia! Dad & I love you seven!
I trust you survive your Sunday schedule! :-) What with ALL of you trying to get ready and go to church.
Bless the dear Jimmy and Farly family for taking you 'homeless' ones under their roof. I am smiling at how much they likely missed you all when you were in the US, and now they have you in all your glory;-) (Dad & I would love to have you in 'all your glory' too!)
Love, Mom and Dad D

mmsbryan said...

Waiting and praying for God to provide you a house and thanking Him Jimmy's parents for providing a temporary home to get you out of that mold. Trust there is no more vomiting. Have you very much on our hearts today. Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I'm soooo sorry to hear about all that you all are going through;( I'm praying that everyone won't get sick and that you'll find a place to live on your own soon! Wow, you are a wonderful Mommy to all of your little ones! I'm praying God will bring peace to every problem. Just know that Jesus is carrying you at this very tough time!
Love, Hannah Klunder

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