Monday, February 14, 2011

~Happy Valentine's day~

I had so many fun plans that I wanted to do for today for my sweetheart and family...but it appears that I will be leaving Elijah with Sarah here at Jimmy's parents house, and I will go back to our house (for the first time since we left last Wednesday). Phillip, Kimberly, Noah and I are going to work and pack this afternoon.
Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers. God is helping us! My devotional book this morning reminding me to "Rejoice evermore." That is what we are doing. Elijah is better. He still has a cough, but is improving.
Thank you for praying for our house. It appears that God is working and we MAY have found one. We are supposed to meet with the owner tomorrow. Please pray that all will go well, if it's God's will. Thank you bunches!!


........... said...

So excited to hear about the possibility of a home for your family. We will continue to pray for you. ~Carla~

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I am so grateful that Elijah is quite a bit better! I hope he manages to continue to mend all the way. If you actually do have a house to move into, that would be way way wonderful! I sure wish you could have a dryer too!
I decorated our dining room table with Valentine colors, and then made Dad a special supper of Spanish Rice (Ha!) and Sour Cream Chicken Enchaladas. Even the rice was good!
I've got to go to bed now, or I'm gonna just fall over in this chair and sleep 'til morning!
Thank you for this post!

Ronda said...

My heart goes out to you guys for what you have been through. We will pray for you guys to get the "perfect" house and for continued healing for your little Elijah! Know that we care...

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