Monday, January 31, 2011

~Church Christmas program pics & fun visitors!~

~It's a good thing I took this picture of Sarah at the Christmas program practice, for it was tooooo dark during the real program for me to get good pics. =)~
~Katrina dressed for the Christmas program and our little Elijah all dressed up in his Colombian suit. =)~
~Brittany, Kimberly, and Natasha playing a piano trio for the prelude of the Christmas program.~
~Kimberly playing "What Child is This?" for the prelude.~
~The adult choir and small orchestra that sang/played during the Christmas program.~
~Little Jessica holding our tiny baby Mary.~
~After the Christmas program we invited the Hausmans, the Wegener family, and Bro. and Sis. Eisenhart over for a snack. Here are just SOME of the shoes that were by our front door. =)~
~They all brought snacks and I made some as well. It was a fun time with friends and eating yummy food too! =) ~

~I found this neat recipe for a "pine cone cheese ball". It makes for a fun "food piece" to put out on a Holiday table. (You could just make your normal cheese ball, form it into a pine cone shape and then put toasted almond slices around it to make it look like a pine cone.) ~

~We were wall-to-wall people...and wall-to-wall FUN!!! The young ladies~
~We ladies and our kids~
~The men (excuse the dark picture.=)~
More Christmas pics to come...and of our USA house. =)


Anonymous said...

The ice and snow are here so I had better comment quickly or maybe I can't for awhile! Your after-the- program evening looked so nice, I am sure all had a fun time. Your serving counter looked so festive. Again a great big thank you to Mrs. Phyllis for trusting again her home to the six Dickinsons that became 7! May God bless. We are asking God for another house and soon, but better yet in His Time!. Love and miss you all, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I remember our fun time at this little home when we were all together in December 2011. Dad & I have such beautiful memories of our time together there.
It would have been fun for Dad & I to attend your Christmas program, and even more fun to have attended this gathering after the program. Thank you for these enjoyable pictures and this post.
Mom D

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