Friday, May 1, 2009

~Please keep praying~

Thank you for praying about our house. PLEASE DO KEEP PRAYING! Today a friend of mine and I went walking around looking for houses for rent. We prayed before we started asking God to guide us to the right streets to walk down, etc. Long story short, after walking LOTS... we only found ONE house for rent and it seems perfect for us. It is roomy, the owner lives in the USA so understands more about our culture. She is a Christian and told me that she would love for us to rent her house. It has a VERY NICE park nearby and is close to my same grocery store, etc. The only problem is that the owner plans to have a company rent it out for her, and it would be cheaper if she would just rent it straight to us.
So, PLEASE help us pray that GOD will open or close this door. We are to meet with the owner again tomorrow to show Phillip the house. I'd move in there Monday morning if I could, but I want what God wants.
Thanks for your prayers:
#1 us another house
#2 for our Colombian visas.
God is working!!


Gayle said...

We will be praying!

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

How wonderful!
Awesome to hear how God is already working! Keep us informed...;O)

sankey family said...

This sounds like a great option - we'll be praying that it works out. This is always a concern when renting a home - that the owner will want it back. :) our owners just moved to Guadalajara (8 hrs away) 6 months ago or so. We have a contract for a year so through December of this year, we're "safe". I would NOT want to be thinking about moving again right now.
Take care!

Sarah Cook said...

Will pray!
We just did the house hunt not very long ago, and God provided us an affordable house trailer. He will show you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Heather, praying daily for you and your family, trusting God will give you your hearts desire!



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