Monday, May 25, 2009

~Please keep praying about our visas~

I know that this sounds like a SCRATCHED CD that got stuck...but we still need prayer for our Colombian visas. =) There is a government lady who still won't give us the last paper that we need to get our visas renewed. Thank the Lord we did get to pay for another month's extension, but that will expire on June 16th. What I haven't told you yet is that for a year now we have been planning to fly back to the USA at the beginning of August to do deputation, and so we need to get our Colombian visas taken care of before we leave.
Thank you also for praying for the right house for us. It appears that God has showed us what to do for right now. Bro. Jimmy's father owns a house that has 4 apts. in it. We plan to rent one of those apartments in July and that way we will know that our things will be safe while we are in the USA, and then when we come back to Colombia we will look for another house, Lord willing.
We plan to do deputation services in the USA August-November. It's been since 2004-2005 since we have visited a sufficient amount of churches, and as you know, support slowly drops off over the years. We had planned to visit more churches last time we were in the USA, but with the difficulties of my pregnancy (I was carrying so much fluid due to gestational diabetes that I was measuring 39 weeks when I was only 7 months pregnant, and I was having so many contractions that I was put on bed rest for several days/weeks) we didn't get to do very many services. We are looking forward to seeing many of our dear supporters soon. Hopefully we might get to see you too?! =D


Kim M. said...

I hope you stop by FMC too ;-) Will keep praying!

Heidi said...

Will be praying! Thanks for the comment on our new baby. This baby will hopefully help the wait to not feel so long. haha :) It will be probably be a year and a half to two years before we get a referral for our Colombian children. When it happens we'll make sure we look you up. We will be spending 4-6 weeks in Colombia and at least 1-2 of those weeks will definitely be in Bogota.

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