Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~Our Sunday~

~On Satuday I made 60 Rice Kripy treats to pass out at church. Since Colombians LOVE bright colors, I sprinkled the treats with colorful sprinkles. They LOVED them and want to know how to make them. I plan to show the ladies how to make them in one of our Ladies' meetings soon.~
~We had a good morning service and the Lord helped Bro. Jimmy as he preached. After service Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly, Edgar, Joanna, and my Phillip had to go to 2 other services. There wasn't room for all of the rest of us in their car, so I invited a bunch of young people to come home to eat with the kids and I. All the young people were teasing me that I was running a day care, so they put on bibs for a silly picture. We showed them a few Challenging Christian videos and had lots to eat. =) We had a good afternoon/evening together.~
~Later that night, the adults came in from their 2 services and I fed them the left over Skyline chili. It was a sad evening for we had just found out that Farly's Grandpa (who had been sick for awhile) had just gone into a coma the night before. We had special prayer for him. (Later that night we learned that he passed away. =( Thankfully, they feel he was ready to meet His maker.)~
~The young people playing a fun Bible game in the living room.~Everyone seemed to have enjoyed their Lord's day.

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Rob and Deanna said...

Sounds like so Much Fun!!! I always loved it when we had the Native People to our house. They are always so much fun to be with, mainly because they are who they are & can Really Laugh! Don't know how your people are, but PNG people don't struggle with peer pressure & are so inhibited. I love It!

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