Monday, May 11, 2009

~I had a Happy Mother's Day~

~This is what I looked like LAST Mother's Day! Phillip had taken a quick one week trip to Colombia so he wasn't with the kids and I. :-( I had prayed that God would help me to get to attend church on Mother's Day, and then let the baby come. Elijah was born just 3 days later! Yea!~
~Here are the kids and I this Mother's Day! (Sorry, The person taking the picture got too far away. You can click on this picture to enlarge it.) Phillip had to be gone this year too. He went to our church in Cartagena (24 hours away) to preach for the weekend. We surely did miss him being here with us!!! (This is in front of Jimmy and Farly's house.) They invited the kids and I over for a delicious Sunday dinner after church and we had such a nice visit with them, Jimmy's parents and his sister Judy and her family. I gave each lady in their family a candle and a Mother's Day card.~

~Saturday afternoon Sis. Farly called me and asked me if I would make some cookies to give to the Mothers at church. So, I decided to go to the extra work and I made sugar cookies. Saturday evening my friend Marisol came over. When she arrived she saw that we were in the middle of frosting LOTS of sugar cookies, so she washed her hands and started helping. =)~
~Here are the cookies ready to pass out the ladies at church. (We even had extra to pass out to the rest of the congregation afterwards too.)
~Elijah and I got up early Mother's day morning and snuck out of my room (for the other 3 children were sleeping) and went into Noah's room to quickly make some Mother's day cards for 4 lady friends of mine. A few minutes later Elijah and I came downstairs and I passed my kitchen and the door was closed and the light was on. I got a little nervous and said to Jesus (in my head) "Jesus, I KNOW that I didn't shut that door nor turn on that light." I snuck up to the door and looked through the little glass window and there was Kimberly hiding on the other side. She had snuck out of bed and was making me my Mother's Day breakfast! I was GLAD it was her instead of an intruder. =) Sweet Kimberly holding Elijah and the yummy breakfast she made me.~
~When the kids got up on Sunday day morning we quickly frosted some choc. cupcakes that I had made on Saturday and then we had fun decorating them really quickly before we went to church. When Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly brought us home after church and a nice dinner at their home, we sent some cupcakes home for their family.~
~The finished product. We made butterfly cupcakes, and then "sew neat" cupcakes where you cut candy into small pieces so it looks like we have "sewn" in big stiches the words "Mom" and "Mama'" (Spanish) on our cupcakes.~
~One of our butterfly cupcakes.~
While I was washing dishes on Saturday, I thought that it would be nice to sing a song for the Mothers at church on Sunday. (I normally am more of a planner, but my week has been quite hectic, for we thought that we were going to move.)
However, I couldn't just go and grab a song about Mothers and try to translate it at the last minute. So, I begin to think and pray about any song that I knew that was already in Spanish, that might work for the Mothers. Then, I remembered. Sis. Mary Duren has a CD and on there she has a song that she wrote entitled, "Not Just any Woman." She also had written it in Spanish. It is a good song talking about how we as Christian Ladies need to represent Christ in who we are, how we are, how we dress, how we talk, etc. So, Kimberly and I quickly learned that song and sang it in church for our Mothers on Mother's day.
~Bro. Jimmy giving the nice Mother Day message.
~Noah and his partner saying their part of the Mother's Day poem. (I just asked Noah if he said the part (for I couldn't hear him), and he said, "Yes, I did! But, I did it quietly, so the church people hardly heard me...cause I was embarressed. =D)~
~Sarah and Gaby saying their part of the Mother's Day poem.~
~Kimberly saying her part. Afterwards all the kids brought their Mother's Day cards to each of their Mothers.~
~Here is Sarah drinking out of the cute little mug that we Mothers were given for Mother's day. (Farly gave each Mother one of these cute mugs, and I gave them each a couple of my cookies. =)

~I was blessed...Lots of people remembered me on Mother's day. Here are all my gifts and cards. (You can click on this picture to enlarge it.) (I forgot one gift in this picture. My secret sister gave me a cute little set of cow salt and pepper shakers.) The cards from my sweet children (the ones they made on their own and the ones they made in Sunday school). Jimmy's parents gave me some yummy fruit (that I put in this basket), a lady at church gave me an angel figurine, Jimmy and Farly gave me a neat comb for my hair and the purplish flowers in the middle of the table, Jimmy's sister and brother-in-law gave me this pretty sunflower, and a nice tea kettle, Paula gave me such a sweet note and a yummy choc. candy bar, Marisol gave me some yummy sweet treats, I got the cute little mug at church, the 2 white styrofoam bowls with lids are from the church people in Cartagena. It is a special dessert that she made and sent home with Phillip. And Phillip brought me (from Cartagena) a neat salad spoon and fork carved out of bulls horn.~
I had a special day...and I hope that all of you Mothers did too!


Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I enjoyed all your pictures! Abby saw the butterfly cupcakes and asked if we could make them? Maybe you could tell me how you made them and what you used? They are cute!
I did'nt comment on your earlier posts but I wanted to let you know that we are praying for you all as you adjust to all the craziness! We have had our place for sale for a long time and been wanting to move and have thought that we had a buyer several times and it has always fell thru! I understand your frustration! Hang in there! God's timing is best!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I'm SO glad that Jesus helped your day! I was praying for your song too! Thanks for your prayers in my behalf too... I sure needed them! I love you and SURE MISS not having you with us this Mother's Day like you were last year! I Love you, sister!

~Regina~ said...

So glad you had a wonderful Mother's day! Your cupcakes are so pretty! My kids would enjoy making(and eating) some of those. :) Thanks for sharing the neat idea. We'll have to try it sometime.

Ronda said...

Glad that you had a special day....You are a wonderful Mommy! :)

sherryldickinson said...

Man alive, Heather! You can pack more living into one day, than anyone else I know. Smile!
I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Dad, got a dish towel and a magnet memo pad from Gospel Center Church, a card & a gift card for Bath & Body Works from Michael & Beth, and I got a nice e-mail from you & Phillip for Mother's Day. I was a happy mother. Smile.
I made dad a wonderful Sunday dinner of burnt & dried macaroni & cheese-made in the oven. And, a savory Rosemary w/ Honey w/mustard sauce over a baked chicken-and it got burnt too! I think I should take up being a chef in a restaurant. What do you think?
Love, Mom D

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