Friday, May 29, 2009

~Elijah and his "walker"~

~One day I had given Elijah a bath and Kimberly got him all dressed and did his hair. Then she put him to bed for a nap, for we were going to go to a park for our family day after his nap. Here is what his hair looked like before his nap....~
~All slicked up with no where to go. =)~
~Here is what his hair looked like AFTER his nap. =)~
~I love how his hair sort of curls. He's our sweet loveable little boy. I think I like the "relaxed look" better. =D~
~Elijah...using a little stool for a "walker". =) (Sorry this is soooo Dark, hopefully you can at least tell a little of what he is doing.)~


Kim M. said...

That's just too cute! What a blessed little boy to have such cheerleaders!

I agree with you about the curls!

Tamra said...

His hair is adorable!

Gayle said...

That is so cute! my he is growing! His haircut makes him look like a little man.
Love Ya,

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