Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~Update and random pics~

Thanks for your prayers. Evidently it wasn't God's will for us to get that house that I posted about last post, for we kept leaving messages for the owner to call us and she never has returned our phone calls. That is fine...for God knows that for us that house could've looked like "peaches and cream", but it could've turned out to be "sour kraut". We walked "all over Bogota" yesterday and have found another possibility. We are working on the paper work for that house, and when we know something we'll let you know. Please pray that God will give us the house HE WANTS US TO HAVE...and that He will give us the strength and help that we need to pack (with NO BOXES), move, clean and paint the old house, etc.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~A few weeks ago I told you that our girls' violin teacher had her baby boy. They named him Joshua. (It is very common here for people to name their kids an English name!) Joshua was born on a Wednesday and the following Monday the kids and I took her some gifts. Kimberly gave Adriana some red roses and a little t-shirt for Joshua. Sarah gave him a little toothbrush. And from our whole family we gave Joshua a cute little outfit and brought Adriana and her husband some of my homemade lasagna, french bread, and dessert for their lunch. We had a nice visit with them and enjoyed seeing little TINY Joshua.~
~He was a month early, so was teeny, TINY~
~On Good Friday we decided to invite Felipe and his 2 sisters over for a grill-out. Later, when I was telling my friend Marisol about us grilling out on Good Friday...she laughed and said, "Heather, the whole world (Catholics) were saying that no one should eat meat, only fish on that day, and here y'all were having meat on the grill". =) (Also, Felipe and my Phillip worked all day long that day on our computer and got it up and running again. =) Here is a picture of "The 2 chefs".~
~Fanning the flame. =)~
~The girls blowing bubbles while waiting for the hotdogs and hamburgers to get done.~
~Getting them good and done.~
~We had lots of yummy food. Phillip (and Felipe) grilled the hotdogs and hamburgers, we also had buttered noodles, chips and dip, cookies, tea, etc. Phillip and I were HAPPY...for we had finaly found some dip that was sort of like the chip dip that we are used to from the USA. =) It was a fun day.~

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Kim M. said...

Thank you for the update. We have been praying.

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