Thursday, April 30, 2009

~Urgent prayer requests~

Dear Prayers,
This week we received the news that our land lord (Who has lived in the USA for over 30 years) is coming back to Colombia and wants to live in his house that we have been renting for nearly 3 years. We have been very happy here and loved the area...but it looks like since he is coming home to Colombia and naturally wants to live in his own has now become God's will that we find another one, and SOON. So....PLEASE DO pray that GOD will guide us to the right house in a SAFE area for our family. Your prayers are NEEDED that we find God's mind on where HE wants us to live. The wrong place could put our family in a lot of danger!!

ALSO...about our Colombian visas...we had to pay for a month's extension due to a problem with a government office. They said that they could get the problem fixed in a month. We need to PRAY that they do get it fixed, for we need to renew our visas by May 16th or so. Only God can work out these details.
Thank you, your prayers mean A LOT to us.

God is an awesome God!!
"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." Psalm 91:1


Ronda said...

I will pray for these very urgent requests! I KNOW that God cares about your precious family and will provide. Appreciated the verse that you posted. Hang on to it!

Michele said...

We will be praying!

Gayle said...

We are praying!

Tammy said...

That happened to us, too, our first term in Guatemala. For three years we enjoyed our nice house with plenty of safe play area, then had to move because the owner was returning from the States.

We moved to another house and were there for just a month when the Lord opened the doors for us to BUY another house that far surpassed our expectations!

The Lord was faithful to us, and I know He will be faithful to provide your needs, too.

Prayers for the house situation, as well as the visas.

The Going Blog said...

I have been wondering about your visas. Just think, the new place might be better than where you are now :-) God does work like that you know. I will be helping you pray about it. It must feel like a big road block but God is in control.

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

I will also be praying that God will work everything out for your family with your housing and visa situation. We serve an awesome God who knows our needs before we do and not only that but He cares! Wow! What a promise that we can stand on! When you get time check out our blog and read how God has been leading and providing for our family to go to Haiti! Looking forward to hearing how God is going to answer these prayer requests!

Beth Stetler said...

Praying for you.

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