Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Our fun breakfast date~

~I snapped this fun picture of 2 of my men sleeping. =)~
The other morning, Phillip and I decided to take a little date and go out for breakfast and coffee. We left Kimberly in charge of our children and left her our cellphone numbers in case she needed us, and we walked just a couple blocks away to a bakery.
~Phillip and I as were leaving for our date...pardon our "Square Eyes" (as my brother-in-law Michael calls someones' eyes when they have just awakened. =)
~My sweetheart and I.~
~Our fun date at the little bakery. We had such a nice time just relaxing and chatting together. The food was yummy too.

While on our date I asked Phillip to tell me his 5 favorite things about Colombia, and I also asked him to name some of his favorite memories of the 3 years our family has been here. Then I told him my answers. Some of my favorite things about Colombia are as follows:
The beautiful Andes Mountains
The Colombian people
The coffee and yummy food
The Dear caring Colombian friends that God has placed in our lives. They love us like their family and we do them too.
Their custom of bringing a little gift to ones' home when visiting.
And their custom of always serving their visiting guests something to eat and drink when they are in their home.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~The other Thursday Phillip was in a taxi headed to church when a guy passed selling roses. Phillip asked the taxi driver to make sure he had heard the price right...for the price was UNBELIEVABLE!! He had heard right and He got me 2 dozen beautiful red roses for about 90 CENTS!!!! That is one of the perks of living in Colombia! =)


lauren ireland said...

hey heather.i am from ireland and i love reading your blog.your kids are so cute and you seem to be a lovely happy family .i love your photos and your blog always lifts my spirits .you are doing a great job in colombia with phillip and your children.god bless xx

lauren ireland said...

me again!could u give me some advice about discipline .my six year old is giving a lot of attidute and being disobident .please tell me what i could do 2 stop dis.please respond to kirawalsh18@yahoo .com if u gt a chance thanks heather x

Dorcas said...

So nice that you could get away for a nice breakfast date!

Ronda said...

How fun that you all made time for romance and sharing your thoughts....the flowers are lovely, too! :)
Loved the pics of your "little man" in the previous post, too! Adorable!

~Heather~ said...

Thank you, Lauren for your nice comments on my blog. What a delight to hear from you. I feel honored that you read my blog.
Concerning your 2nd comment, my husband and I have gotten a lot of help from a couple books.

"To train up a child" by Michael and Debi Pearl. I think you could purchase that book at this website
Also, on that website they have a lot of articles that might be helpful.

"The Pursuit of Godly Seed" by Denny Kenaston which you should be able to purchase at this website

Have a great week, and again thanks for your nice comments!

lauren ireland said...

thank you so much for replying .i will look at the two child is very sweet and kind but very strong willed and i struggle with discipline and think she may be too old to spank .again thank you and i look forward to reading your blog .by the way ur baby boy is adorable .loved the photos of his gel hair haha x

Diane said...

Loved the post, it was very sweet. Pictures and post brought to mind memories of similar instances and gave me a heartache, but I am happy for you. Keep up the romance!

sherryldickinson said...

I've been too busy to get to the computer but read your blog this morning.
The video clip of Elijah walking with the stool was so funny. I looked at it over and over. Smile.
Love, Mom D

kayla said...

I want some of that Columbian coffee.
I trust you're doing well. I've not been in blog world much lately, but am trying to make a comeback. Praying for you guys.

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