Monday, May 18, 2009

~Our 2nd Ladies Meeting in Colombia~

~We had our 2nd Ladies Meeting at Sis. Farly's house. Excuse the dark picture. Due to the light coming from the window at the far end of the room, it was HARD to get a picture of all we ladies. There were about 32 in attendance.~
~Some of the ladies in attendance. One lady had just gotten her little girl out of the hospital, but came straight to the ladies meeting for she did NOT want to miss it!~
Farly had her neighbor lady teach us how to make a quick dessert. I cannot remember what she called it, but here's what you do.
1. You take some caramel and spread it on a tray (or a 9x13 dish),
2. then layer some graham crackers,
3. then more caramel,
4. then coolwhip,
5. then repeat,
6. ending with coolwhip.
It was simple but pretty tasty.
Sis. Farly spoke to we ladies from Titus 2:4 and 5. The Lord settled down and many of us were weeping. There were ladies there who are bearing lots of grief in their lives, but I believe they felt the Touch of the Master in this meeting. The Ladies love doing the secret sisters (Amigas secretas) and so we drew names again this month. We pray for and give small gifts to the name we chose.~

I had planned on having the 3rd meeting at my house, but since we have already began packing, it isn't the neatest place. =) We'll see what happens.
When I gave my sugar cookies to the Mothers on Mother's day, they LOVED THEM, and several acted interested in learning how to make them. So, I'm thinking of making the cookies and cutting them into shapes ahead of time, and baking them, then letting them decorate them, and giving them the recipe so they can make them at home. Thank you for praying for our Colombian ladies. It is exciting to see God working among them!


Beth said...
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Beth said...

Thank the Lord for another good ladies' meeting! I was wondering about how it went the other day... thanks so much for the post. How is Elijah and the rest who have been sick?

Kelly S said...

What a blessing you are to those ladies! It's exciting to see God using you in such a special way. We too are praying for baby Elijah and your family. Is he any better?

Karen Walden said...

Heather, yes Janet Burton does attend our church. She moved here several years ago to take care of her parents. They are both gone to Heaven now and Janet is still living and working here in Columbus. We know Carson and Linda too. Sweet people. I knew you were related to them somehow but never did figure out the connection. Thanks for sharing! Praying for you all there!

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