Thursday, November 1, 2012

~We're having a Potty Party this week. =) ~

Feeling DOWN or overwhelmed with your situation???  Last night our family stumbled across the story of a young man named Nick who was born WITHOUT ANY ARMS AND LEGS!!!  His story is amazing and made us want to count our blessings!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thanks for all your nice comments and tips on potty training.  I enjoyed hearing from each of you!!  AND THANKS FOR far it's going good.  Mary's not totally trained yet, but she's a pretty smart cookie and is doing great.
~She's getting Lots to drink to help in the training process.   And each time she goes, she gets a treat.  I hand her the little candy and tell her what color it is in English AND in Spanish.  =) ~
~Our house is full of singing, clapping, chanting, and squealing with delight this week; praising Mary when she goes.  =D
She cracked me up running around with her sunglasses on top of her head.~
~We've even let her play tunes on the " 'tar " as she calls it...anything to help her sit and use the potty.  =) ~
~And the little white kitchen timer has been our best friend.
It helps remind us that it's THAT TIME again.   
The timer, the treats, the potty chair and Mary go to whatever floor I'm on.  =)  ~


RicKaren said...

Cute! SOunds like things are going well! I'm sure you are a pro at this!

Brittany said...

Glad it's going well for you! I'm already dreading it ;) I wish I had some helpful tips and advice for you, but sadly, I don't. My first 2 boys were so completely different - one struggled forever, and the other trained in less than a week, night time and all. I'm hoping this 3rd one will be an easy one!!
(So funny about the 2 potty chairs! Maybe the Lord knew you needed an extra one since you have 4 floors -LOL!)

Denise said...

Ahh! You must be talking about Nick Vujicic? "No arms, no legs, no worries!" He is such an inspiration to Benji and I, too. I heard about him from Joni ~ another one of my heroes in the faith. The clapping and singing for Mary reminded me of my praise today for all of God's goodness to us when Benji had to wear a body brace...even the man from the Brace Shop would jump and clap for him when removing or putting the brace on Benji! Since he started wearing one at 11 mos.and wore one 'til he was 12, we've all done alot of jumping, clapping and singing over the years! Lol! God has been so good and I know He will continue to help little Mary learn this important milestone and give her mommy grace as Mary learns! :)
~ Love, Aunt Nesi

lila said...

That Mary is the cutest thing!! Those sun glasses crack me up!! Glad the potty training is going well. Will keep you in our prayers.

Jana said...

Awww, so glad you're having great success!!! I loved using the "timer- trick" with my boys. Worked like a charm for us!!! :-)

CrazieChrisa said...

I've got to do this with Addison soon. She knows that she is suppose to do something on the potty but isn't sure what yet. Lol. I didn't push the idea before D was born because I didn't want her to regress. So now I just have to find a slow week and just do nothing but potty train. Praying it continues to go as easy as possible for you. <3 you!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, sounds like you're doing great, you and lil Mary!!! Thanks for the updates! Hugs to you all, Carla

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