Wednesday, November 7, 2012

~I'm having a HAPPY Birthday week. =) ~

Thank you for all your FUN birthday wishes via emails, texts, comments, and Google plus. =)  I've LOVED hearing from each of you!!
I thought I'd show you some pics from my week so far.  =D
~Kimberly and I ran out shopping and took the time out for a quick ice cream cone together. ~
~My Sweetheart took me out for a yummy breakfast date at a nearby bakery.  =) ~

~For my birthday I wanted some chalkboards.  Now, the LOVE of chalkboards hasn't hit Colombia (yet) and so there are NO chalkboards/chalkboard paint for sale anywhere that we can find!!!  (And Believe me, we have run our legs off looking!)
So, My sweetheart helped me make a couple small chalkboards and I thought Jesus helped them to turn out cute.  =)  ~
~Here's the chalkboard plate we made.  I just took one of my plates I already owned, and we "chalkboard-ed" the center. 
"Amor" is Spanish for Love.~

~A few weeks ago we heard about a new mall here that has a bunch of American stores.  We've been WANTING to go, but have been running too fast.  So, we asked Phillip if he would PLEASE take us to that mall for my birthday.  We spent the afternoon/evening at that mall together as a family, and had a GREAT time looking around.  This pic is on the 4th floor...a neat place outside with water fountains, benches, etc with a fun view of mountains around.  It reminded us of Flagstaff, AZ, and also of a mall near our home in Cinci., OH.~
~We were going to eat at Papa Johns, but when we saw that they had a Taco Bell, and we haven't eaten there since July 2011, we all agreed that we wanted Taco Bell for my birthday supper.~

~One of the water fountains on the 4th floor becomes a neat lighted water show (free) at nights.  Here are our kids Elijah, Sarah, and Noah enjoying it. =) ~
~It did all kinds of designs with water, polka dots, etc. and every once in a while it would show the time ON the water.  It was cool. =) ~
~Then we came back to our house and enjoyed my ice cream birthday cake together.  (It was cheaper to buy an ice cream cake, then to make a cake and buy ice cream to go with it. =)~
~And here's my other chalkboard.  I love it! (Thanks, Sweetheart, for your help with it.)  I just went "shopping in my HOUSE for this frame" and we made it together. =) ~
 ~My fun black and white polka dotted T.P. pumpkin. =) ~
 ~My centerpiece.~
~When I made that white-polka-dots-on-black-material pumpkin, I KNEW I wanted to use it with my black plates, and black-polka-dots-on-white-paper napkins I had found earlier. =) ~
~My Cookies and Cream ice cream cake was yummy, and we all enjoyed it.~
~My Elijah drew this picture of ME.  =)  I asked him if that was my SCARF on the left, and he told me that it was my OTHER HAND.  I'm afraid that if HIS PICTURE is any indication...39 is already making me look pretty bad.  Hee! Hee!  =) ~
~My gifts ready to open.  I got a couple sweaters and a fun red and white scarf (with some of the money that my in-laws sent me. THANKS, Dad and Mom).  Kimberly and Sarah got me a box of chocolates.  YUM!  Noah got me candied almonds, and Elijah and Mary (with some help) bought me a chocolate brownie with caramel.  (My Daddy and Moma send me my beloved magazines for my birthday. =) ~
~Our five PRECIOUS children and I~
~And my Main gift was my nice Leather boots that Jesus helped me to find.  At the malls here, all the boots I could find were around $70.00, leather or not.  That was WAY TOO MUCH money, so I PRAYED that Jesus would help me find some nice boots for cheaper.  IN FAITH...I got dressed for these (my birthday) pics, we ran to a shoe store where Phillip has purchased shoes, Jesus helped me to find my leather boots for LESS than 1/3 of the mall's prices...I bought those boots, and went outside and took my birthday pics in a park beside that shoe store.  =)  Thank you, Jesus!~
~Kimberly also made me this fun brown flower for me to wear.  =)  I'm having a FUN birthday week. ~


mmsbryan said...

What a fun post! So glad for the good price on your boots. Your special "week" (whoever heard of a birthday week????????) looks like lots of fun. I am happy to see that you found a taco bell and got to enjoy some. Your table looked very special and pretty. A happy birthday again to you. Love, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

love,love, L.O.V.E. your chalkboards. My fav is the white frame. So darling! Happy Birthday to you dear Sister. Hope your feeling better. Much love and I miss you MUCH, Laura

Daryl Hausman said...

Everything was so adorable! YOU all do such a great job celebrating birthdays! Love ya'll bunches,

RicKaren said...

Love your chalkboards and your cute black and white birthday dessert table! Happy Birthday!

mmsbryan said...

Forgot to say that your chalkboards are very cute and classy. But the picture that Elijah drew well it is just . . . special! :-) Just one question, did you grow another finger on your 39th? Love, Moma

Making Memories 1999 said...

Aww, Happy Birthday, Friend!!! I so enjoyed your post. The chalkboard plate was so very cute and I also liked your other chalkboard frame as well. So creative! It truly looks like you've had a great week! Blessings on you and your sweet family.

P.S. Thanks for your sweet anniversary wishes. Sounds like there's alot of partying going on this week. LOL!!

Janie said...

Happy Birthday, Heather. Or maybe I should say Happy Birthweek, or Birthmonth! Your birthday pictures turned out cute and what a great deal on your boots! I also liked your chalkboards. Such a fun idea. Enjoy the rest of your birth month!

lila said...

Oh Heather!!!!! I really enjoy all your posts but this one is so special!!! I am so thrilled you are having such a nice birthday wk. I have no clue where the birthday wk. came from? LOL Your Moma is so funny!! The waterfall is beautiful, love your chalkboards, boots, the table setting and all. You do such a cute job. Keep having a great wk. love and prayers

Janelle Carey said...

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I love getting on your blog. I think that you may know me in a round about way.:) I am originally from the Bremen church. My maiden name was Angel. I consider your momma a dear friend. Anyway....just wanted to leave a note. Love your creativity!!

Kimberly said...

Happy Bday, dear Heather! so glad that you're having a good week....

The Dickinsons said...

Thanks to everyone of you for your super sweet comments. Y'all made my Birthday week even more special! =)

Thanks, Janelle, for your nice comment. It was so fun hearing from you. Yes, I feel like I know you, from hearing about you and your wedding from Moma. You must be a very special girl, for I can tell that Moma thinks so. =) You are welcome to leave a comment anytime...comments make my world go around...(along with my Sweetheart, our 5 children, hot yummy drinks, etc. =)


Brittany said...

So glad you were able to make some fun chalkboards - you're right, they turned out CUTE! And that's so great that you found the boots at a better price =) Sounds like you've had a wonderful Birthday week!!

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