Sunday, November 4, 2012

~Because you prayed...our pot-luck dinnner went great. =) ~

~The Lord helped me and I made over 100 banana muffins, and 7 loaves of french we bought 110 chicken legs.  Dear Sis. Farly helped me cook half of those, and I cooked the other half.  And I made a salad to feed around 80 people.~
 ~Kimberly made this adorable cake which we sent home with Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly after the dinner.  I thought she did a great job.~
 ~The chunks are white chocolate.~
 ~I took my aqua and brown pumpkin from our room and used it on the table with Pastor Jimmy and family's picture. ~
 ~Sis. Joanna made a NEAT sign to hang above the table.  It says, "Happy Day, Pastors Jimmy and Farly Muchas Gracias!!!"
(Please pardon the Happy Birthday sign that never got removed.  My Phillip teased that we should just add a "Feliz Navidad" sign, and a Happy Anniversary sign, and we'd have nearly all the events covered.)  =D ~
 ~God gave us a great service and a nice crowd.~
 ~(Excuse the dark picture.) ~

 ~We decorated the little muffins I made with a touch of blue icing, and a pink and white marshmallow.  Fast, colorful (Colombians LOVE color) easy, cute. =) ~
 ~The table with the treats.~

 ~We served nearly 80 people.~
 ~Phillip praying for the food and Thanking God for Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly and their family.~
 ~The other ladies brought in the drinks, rice, potatoes, another lady made a tad more chicken, to make sure we had enough, Joanna brought in yummy jellos, and Judy (Farly's sister) brought in delicious "Arroz con Leche."  (Rice with milk that is a yummy dessert here.)  Everything was yummy, and we even had left-overs.~
 ~The kids waiting to be served.~

 ~Some happy Ladies, with their plates of food. =) ~
 ~Everyone worked together to help serve the food.  (I think if we do this again, we'll do it buffet style like we do in the US, but this WHOLE IDEA was so NEW...that I wanted to break things in slowly. =) ~
 ~Pastor Jimmy and his mother-in-law chatting...while waiting to be served.~
 ~Sis. Farly's brother (with crutches...he hurt himself recently), and her uncle.~
 ~Even the men helped serve.  Here's Bro. Edgar serving drinks.~
 ~Bro. Jaime, little Isabella, and Sis. Gloria, Phillip and I.  (Bro. Jaime is who made that NEAT Scripture plaque with the dried flower on it. ) ~
 ~Phillip and I with Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly!
How we LOVE and appreciate our Dear Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly.  We are so THANKFUL for them!  They are such a blessing to us and to the church.    (And we were so THANKFUL that God gave us 4 good Sundays in which to try to show them how much we as a church love them.  =)
PLEASE PRAY for Sis. Farly and her family.  Her cousin was hit by a car and killed on Friday.  (She left a husband and 3 children, the youngest of which is 2.)   =(


mmsbryan said...

Just got time to get on-line and you did not disappoint me, there was a new post. I am so thankful that your appreciationg dinner went so well. Your decorations looked nice. I am so sad for sister Farley and the loss of her cousin. Were they a part of the church? We will pray for the empty spot left in the hearts of that little family. Love, Moma

Janie said...

Enjoyed the pictures, Heather! All the food looks delicious. Kimberly's cake is beautiful!

lila said...

What a beautiful way to show them your love and appreciation!!! Everything looks yummy and you always make everything look so attractive!!! So glad you had a nice turn out and thankful for those that helped!! Love you tons

Emily Grace said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Sis. Dickinson! We pray for your ministry.
Hope you have a blessed birthday!

Brittany said...

So happy that everything turned out well for your dinner! What a huge undertaking :) Everything looked yummy, and pretty too! So sorry for Sis. Farly, and her family's loss - we'll be praying for them all.

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