Friday, November 30, 2012

~Fun Food Friday...Comforting Chicken Noodle Soup~

~Some years ago my dear friend Susanna gave me this recipe for this yummy soup.  I thought I'd share this with you.  It's a pretty fast yet nutritious help you through the Holiday rush.
So, put on a pot today, while writing out your Christmas cards, and your Christmas-to-do list.  Or if you are already doing Christmas shopping, get the things ready to make this soup before you leave, and then when you get home..throw the soup together for a nice hot meal for your family. =)~
 ~Comforting Chicken Noodle Soup~
2 quarts of water  (Or if I cook my own chicken... I use that broth for the 2 qts. of water.)
8 chicken bullion cubes. 
6 1/2 cups uncooked egg noodles
2 cans (10 3/4 oz.) condensed cream of chicken soup
3 cups cubed Cooked chicken
1 cup (8 oz) sour cream.
In a large saucepan bring water and bullion to boil.  Add noodles, cook uncovered til tender.
Add cream of chicken soup and chicken and heat thoroughly.
Remove from heat.
Add sour cream!
Ta have a yummy hot soup ready to impress your family.  =)
And as Always...ENJOY!
Don't forget to come back tomorrow...I'll be starting the 1st of 25 days of Christmas on my blog. =) 


Sharonda said...

I'm looking forward to reading your blog every day for the next 25 days!:) I appreciate the pictures, words of advice, and events that happen in your family's life. I ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts! Thank you for being so faithful to update us!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Thanks for sharing...looks YUMMY! Love, Hannah Klunder

mmsbryan said...

Nothing is more comforting than Chicken Soup, I made some for GG when she came home from her surgery. I had Daddy to help chop the veggies but now he is far away at home while I stay here and help the best Mother in the world. I and here to be her feet while hers heal and when she aplogizes for all the steps I must take I assure her that she paid for this care a long time ago. Your soup and its display looks good and festive. I plan to finish making GG's home look all aglow with Christmas tomorrow, the Lord Willing. Love, Moma

Shawna said...


I love reading your blog. I remember the one year at Christmas time when your family was still in Louisiana and I stayed over one night and the next day we made Christmas candy.

I can still remember me, your mom and I going to the little drugstore to find I believe it was peppermint flavoring (not sure though). We found and went back to make it, but for some reason it turn how to hard to eat... But it was still good! :) I can still smell the aroma of the mixture boiling, and then pouring out to harden and then y'all gave to people at church.

That is one of my favorite Christmas memories. I am so glad that I got to know you and can still keep up with you with your blog.

Also, because Mary & I share the same birthday... Except I am just a little older... LOL :)


The Dickinsons said...

Dearest Shawna,
It made me so HAPPY to hear from you. Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment. That is a neat Christmas memory you shared. WE LOVE OUR MEMORIES of our time in LA with all of y'all. You all worked yourselves right into our hearts and we will ALWAYS treasure those years there. We fell in Love with your LA too! =)
That's neat that you share a birthday with our Mary.
And it's fun to know that you read my blog. =)
Have a super MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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