Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~My Friend Marisol~

~My dear friend Marisol and I try to get together once every week or two. Most of the time we come to each other's houses to make a recipe, or just chat. Sometimes we go shopping together. =)  This was back in October when she came and I made her a black and white polka dotted T.P. pumpkin (and I made myself one that night too.=) ~
~One evening I went to her house alone and she served me yummy tamales (that she had purchased), hot choc., cheese, and bread. ~
~Since no one else was with me to take our picture that night, I took it.  =) ~
~When I was about 11 years old or so, my Moma received an Oster kitchen center for Christmas.  Since I had my own bread business in several states I REALLY PUT MOMA'S OSTER KITCHEN CENTER TO USE!!!  Every week I would take orders and then you could have heard Moma's mixer working away to make all the bread, cinnamon rolls, rolls, etc. that I was going to sell.  
God must have Smiled knowing that I would need to know how to use an Oster Kitchen center one day...in BOGOTA, Colombia!  
You see, my friend Marisol's husband bought her an Oster Kitchen center about 20 years ago.  BUT, since ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS were in ENGLISH, she was SCARED TO DEATH to use it and RUIN this expensive machine, SO IT HAS JUST SAT IN HER CABINET ALL THIS TIME.  For about 3 years now, she has told me about this mixer and told me that she would love for me to see the manual and help her learn how to use it.  You can imagine my SURPRISE (and hers too!!) when she RECENTLY brought me the manual to her mixer for me to read it and explain to her how to use this.  I squealed, "Oh, Marisol, I have used this machine way too many times to count!!!"  So, I went to her house, she got out her Oster Kitchen center, scrubbed off all the dust from setting in the box, and we had fun making some cookies with it. =) ~
~Marisol putting the jelly in our cookies.~

~The next time we got together, we used her kitchen center to make my French bread. ~
~Normally little Mary stays home with her big brothers and Daddy, but THIS TIME she got to come with her big sisters and Mommy. =) ~
~Here Mary is ready to eat her snack that Mrs. Marisol made her.  She was feeling like "Quite the LADY" having her own chair, and plate and hot drink. =)~
~Kimberly took this picture of us eating in Marisol's dinning room. (Notice little Mary daintily holding her cup. =)~
~Here we are with the French bread rolled out.  Years ago Marisol had eaten a bread in another country  (Ecuador?)  that had raisins, green olives, ham, and cheese rolled inside.  She had told me all about that bread and WANTED to make it.  So, we made 4 loaves of my french bread and rolled those things inside.  It does sound pretty INTERESTING, but we were surprised at how tasty it was. ~
~Our "stuffed" French bread ready for the oven.~
~Recently we took Marisol to see the new mall that just opened here.   We had a fun evening walking around and doing some Christmas shopping in the CHEAP stores. =)  We took time out for a little snack together before we went home.~
~Sarah and Kimberly enjoying their blackberry Icees. 
We are VERY BLESSED to have Many DEAR friends here in Colombia...one of which is Marisol.~


~Carla~ said...

What a blessings such dear friends are. Glad you have Marisol :) ~Carla~

Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet post, Heather. I was so weary and needed to sit down a minute, so asked the kids to watch the last tray of Christmas cookies... last tray? Well, for tonight anyway... and came to the computer to check on you... sure enough, you had a new post I'd not seen yet! Yes! loved this post and glad you have such a fun friend to get to be with. May Jesus bless your times together with His Presence! Much love, Laura

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
So glad you have such a beautiful friend in Colombia! I love the pic of her in the kitchen with her long dress...looks like she is in a painting it's sooooo beautiful! Great pic!!! Love, Hannah Klunder

lila said...

Neat story. So glad you was able to help her with her mixer!

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