Sunday, October 28, 2012

~The tale of two potty chairs.~

But FIRST....Congratulations to my Dear nephew Keith who married Natalie Keaton on Saturday.  He's the first of my nephews/nieces to get married and it made my heart SADDER THAN SAD that we couldn't be at their wedding.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And SECOND...Thanks for praying for our first ever pot-luck dinner.  Today was Sunday #4 in our Pastor Appreciation month and Jesus really helped.  I'll post pics soon.
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(I know My Mary will shoot me one day when she's 18 and sees THIS POST in my blog book.  Hee! Hee!)
It looks like Mary may be ready to be potty trained.  So, the other night, I was out with our girls for the evening and decided to buy Mary a little pink potty chair (and a pack of M&M's to give her one each time she goes. =) 
When got back home we saw a large store bag sitting in our living room.  Evidently Phillip had gone shopping with Noah and Elijah while we were gone.
Sarah opened the bag to take a look inside and I asked her, "Sarah, what's in that bag?"  Then I said, "Don't tell me that Daddy had the same idea and bought Mary a potty chair while we were gone?"
She replied, "Yep! He did!"
But, since the potty chair I bought only cost around $4.00 new, and since we have 2 bathrooms, we decided to keep them both.
Elijah and Mary are great friends and are "partners in crime!"  =D
Elijah has been potty trained for quite some time now, but He was wanting a potty chair since Mary is getting one.  =)
So, he is THRILLED that we have 2 potty chairs.
He's convinced that JESUS saw his desire and sent HIM a PINK POTTY CHAIR!  =)
Now, here's where YOU come in.
~Do you have any quick tips that helped you potty train your kids?
~I'd love for you to leave me a comment.
It's Not like I haven't potty trained 4 other toddlers, but I'm always looking for new tips that I might not have known then. =)  
It's not going to be an easy job since we live in a house with FOUR FLOORS, that has 38 stairs, and CARPET everywhere.   I think I'll get nothing else done this week but that.  =)
Your PRAYERS are appreciated!  Smile! 


Kira said...

WTG Heather ! I would try to keep Mary downstairs for as much of the day as possible and have the potty with you at all times ....bring her to it every 15 mins or so for the first few days , make up some silly songs about her new potty " pee pee in the potty " etc ......

Keep juice /drinks to a minimum and put a sticker on the potty every time she uses it and maybe make up a fun chart that allows her a cookie or sweet after every three "go's " .

I will be praying !!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! We are working on potty training here too!!! My opinion if you plan to " get it done" in a week I wouldn't minimize drinks. I'd give her as much as she will drink. The more often she has to potty and the more often you take her, every 15 mins or so, the better she will associate the "feeling" with actually "going"!! When she goes, we do stickers or a couple smarties :) If she is ready she will have it mostly down in about 3 days!! Can't wait for updates!! Hugs, Carla

Charity said...

Check my Oct. 28, 2010 post on potty-training for how not to do it (are you saying that by now, you're not an expert?) It's amazing how different kids are! Best of luck to you and may your carpets stay clean ;o)

GLOANN said...

Be sure to have plenty of chocolate in stock for Mom during this week!

RicKaren said...

How funny! All I can say is consistancy and get it over fast. It might seem cruel at the time, but I think that dragging it out is really harder on both mommy and the child. I have completely trained all my girls in two weeks or less--even for night time, but I hear that girls are much easier than boys--guess I will find out soon! =) We spend ALL day 3-4 days doing nothing but drinking water/juice, giving treats, and reading books RIGHT BY THE POTTY. I try to make it an exciting week. It's also a LONG week, but soooo worth it in the long run!

Shel Bel said...

Good luck on the potty training thing!!! I usually don't let our kids have M&Ms very much until time to train. Then that is the treat that they get and I usually have mine trained in a few days. I take them every 45mins to 1hr. Once they know what they are doing and you are consistent it won't take long.

lila said...

The potty chairs are so cute. Don't have any advice, it's been too many years ago. Can't remember how I did it. Praying it goes smooth for you and Mary. Love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

no advice, but I read what everyone else said and boy did it bring back memories! I used to set a timer so I couldn't get busy and forget to take them! I'm remodeling a kitchen this week, so we have messes everywhere! Hee!

mmsbryan said...

Finally home from getting a new granddaughter and visiting GG. (Great Grandmother Scarbrough) She enjoyed catching up on your blog via our traveling laptop. When I asked her advice on potty training she gave me some thoughts from the old school and then said something that sounds just like her, "tell Heather to not leave the house or go out for at least six years without a change even after you "think" they are trained, especially little boys! Sounds like that woman had some experience with little boys, huh? Perhaps Karen better listen up.:-) I think that little girls are easier also. But remember all children are not created equal and some may not be ready at two. This Gram suggests patience at all costs. ;-) Now does that sound like a Grandmoma's heart speaking??? I love you and am glad for all the progress. Moma

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